no calls where i use to get calls

  • 16 January 2021
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When I first got my Samsung S20 5G on Dec it was able to make calls and video calls. Had to do a reboot with tech support because my wife's cell didn't receive some calls we live In the city where others receive calls from me. When I got back to work my phone had no bars where it once had 4G. Whent to a local t-mobile office and they just gave me a new SIM for both cells. IT has been issues after issues and the SIM didn't work. Regretting of my choice to switch from Cricket to t mobile. I've gotten no help at all. Has anyone had this happen? 

1 reply

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I would also recommend checking for latest software updates on your phone and call into 611.  There are upgrades going on, and in some areas service is affected during upgrades.  This may not be that case, but worth checking