No Coverage couple of places 06033



No coverage following places.


1. Shelburne way, Glastonbury, CT 06033

2. 1312 Manchester Rd, Glastonbury, CT 06033

3. Hebron & Keeney St, Glastonbury, CT 06033

4. I84 Between exit 2 the Mass pike Toll

5. I90(mass pike) toward I495 South toward cape cod exit. 2-3 miles before exit no coverage.


Can someone please help.

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I've been on at least two of those places and not had coverage problems.  Rhode Island, on the other hand, coverage problems (but, that's not this post).

The Coverage Map suggests Fair to Medium, which could be a lot of the problems you're experiencing.  I'm assuming your Glastonbury locations are inside and it wouldn't surprise me if an inside area had problems with a Fair signal.

Your phone also has an impact on coverage.  Some phones have a weaker antenna than others, so a "fair" coverage area can become "poor" quite easily with a low-end phone (I've had two phones side-by-side before and had completely different results when it came to signal strength).  If you share what phone you have, it might provide some insight with the Community Managers who know have access to what bands are deployed where.

Just... Don't try to go to Rhode Island 😊

Phone is IPhone 6. Haven't tried others.

The location 1  is inside and outside. For inside I use the T-Mobile router and cellspot to overcome the problem Inside.

Rest all are outside. This is when you are on a call in your car driving thru these locations you basically loose connection and the call drops.

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I hear VERY mixed reviews on the iPhone antenna.

Another suggestion is to drop to 2G Only mode.  The problem is if you use your phone for online navigation or streaming while driving, it doesn't work so well.  Plus, it's remembering to drop to 2G Only when you get in your car then out.

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Howdy @joesph2016‌ and thanks for giving us a holler on support.

Here's my breakdown of these areas and a few thoughts on what can help.

Locations 1, 2, and 3.-  2G is gonna be the strongest connection you'll get here. It'll be best outdoors. Continuing to use the router will be your best bet while at location 1.

4.  I84 Between exit 2 the Mass pike Toll- There's some site congestion here that could cause some hiccups. There still strong 2G coverage even in buildings so it's surprising you're not getting any signal here.

5.  I90(mass pike) toward I495 South toward cape cod exit. 2-3 miles before exit no coverage.- Coverage around this area does show to be a little rough but gets better as you go further south.

I've noticed these areas have Band 12 rolled out but you'd need a phone that supports this connection. Just piggybacking off what @smplyunprdctble‌ said, I'd like to know if you get better signal if you force the phone to connect to 2G only. If it's still giving you fits, filing a service complaint with Tech support or T-Force is the next step. That'll have our engineers check out these areas at a site level, and look into this further. Thanks for letting us know about this.

sorry i forgot to mention in my original post the apps i want to use for the phone calls  i am using vonage extensions it is voip phone. I believe it will work best in LTE works okay in 4g.

i can test 2g can you please let me know how to force the iphone 6 to go into 2g.

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Thanks for that info. I hadn't heard of this app until you mentioned it. I can't guarantee how well it'll work with T-Mobile. I have to admit, it's pretty sweet to have the ability to take you're Vonage service with you while you're away from home. 😊

Try going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE. There should be an Off option. Tap that and restart the phone.

Thanks will try

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Hey just dropping by to see if you were able to give those steps a shot. Any luck?

I tried but it is pretty much the same as the LTE. Where ever there is no LTE there is no 4G.


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Well, thanks for giving it a shot. As I mentioned before, the next step would be filing a service complaint with T-Force so engineers can check out the towers in those areas.

How do you file a service complain with the T-Force engineers?

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You can message them through the FB or Twitter links below. Just click one of the links and sign in. If you go through Facebook, there's a button at the top of the page that says Message and you can use that to ask for help. If you go through Twitter, you can tweet to @TMobileHelp. Using either social media method get the attention of our T-Force folks and they'll help you out.