No Coverage in Inspirada Community in Henderson, NV?

  • 15 March 2023
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My partner and I made the switch to T-Mobile from ATT with high hopes that the change would be worthwhile…..So far, it’s been less than satisfactory with one main concern of ours. It was advertised on the coverage map that we’d have both LTE and 5G in our area with no problems whatsoever, Not only do we receive one, maybe two bars at best in our own home, calls will randomly drop out anywhere while I’m out and about. 

It’s honestly infuriating considering we are living in one of the largest cities in the nation and can’t seem to have a decent phone call without the call dropping…. 

Can T-MobIile PLEASE fix this issue?? I'm sure we’re not the only ones experiencing this issue….

3 replies

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new devices or did you bring them over with you from ATT?


I bought mine from Apple direct and my partner bought his from T-Mobile. Same issue for us both. :(

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Looking at, and T-Mobile’s coverage map, that area is LTE only and midband (weaker) at that, with one site which I suspect is that flagpole in the Albertsons shopping complex off of Bicentennial Way.

If its ‘indoors’ (1 or 2 bars as you state), ask T-Mobile to send you a ‘cell spot’ - ‘if’ you have home internet, and it will act as a cell repeater… but using your home internet , which isn’t ideal.