No coverage in Ludlow VT

  • 20 December 2018
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Map shows coverage there.  I have driven around trying to make a call with not luck.  gives an error message saying cannot make a call on this network when I try to make a call there.  zip code is 05149


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9 replies

CellMapper shows poor to good coverage in Ludlow. It's band-12. What phone are you using?

Galaxy S9 I get a message that says something along the lines of you do not have authorization to call on this network

Have you tried manually selecting T-Mobile? Can you go into the network settings and do a manual network selection to see if there is a T-Mobile signal? It may be trying to connect to some other network, like USCC.

I recently switched from ATT to T-Mobile.  I was at Jackson Gore a few weeks ago.  I got no signal all in Ludlow except in spots on the mountain while skiing.  My daughter has ATT and she had coverage.  We both have an iphone X.  The coverage map makes it look like I should have coverage.  Spots around Jackson Gore even have those customer verified hexagons on the coverage map.  So maybe I needed to play around with the settings?

No TMobile network is listed.

This is what T-Mobile's coverage map shows:

The little grey hexagons on the left side are where T-Mobile customers' phones actually found a signal. They occur only in areas shown as "Good" and "Excellent". This will not come as any surprise to people who have experience with T-Mobile's coverage maps: "Fair" means the same as "maybe".  It's also consistent with what is shown in CellMapper.

Agreed I was responding to the first comment . When I look at the available carriers on my phone TMobile it not listed as a network

As of this week, new signal finally here, excellent 4G!!  Maybe the Sprint merger had an impact?  

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Since March, Ludlow has a new T-Mobile tower.