5 devices have suddenly lost connection.  We’ve noticed more dead spots that anytime prior on our property.  We work and live from home and this is a big deal and big issue.  We’ve attempted to reset everything.  This site doesn’t help much because all it give is phone numbers to call, no chat function or at least it must be down too.  I cannot call in for tech support because we have no signal to call out on.  Is there anything happening to resolve these issues?  I pay a lot of money per month and do not feel as though I’m getting the service I’m paying for recently.  I just had to upgrade phones because my last phone was connecting to everyone else’s tower networks expect t-mobile’s. I checked their map of outages and they show no problems, but obviously there is.

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I’d recommend using WiFi to dial 611 and get T-Mobile on to resolve the issue.  It’s possible that T-Mobile is 

  1. Upgrading old Sprint sites
  2. Removing old Sprint sites
  3. Something else going on with the network

I noticed recently that service in one area went from ‘full 4G LTE’ to < 1Mpbs 5G.  It appears that the area was roaming on Sprint, and T-Mobile is rebuilding the site.


5G right now has been trash, im in Austin- they’ve told me they are working on it but i canniot do anything on 5G right now