No service after airplane mode

  • 12 July 2021
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I’m a flight attendant and after my phone has been in airplane mode for a while, I turn it off and my phone used to reconnect to t-mobile right away. Starting about a month ago, my iPhone 12 Pro will not connect to any network after turning off airplane mode. I have to turn off and turn on my phone again. It’s quite annoying. If I was someone who didn’t travel regularly, I probably wouldn’t have cared much, but I have to do this 3-4 times a day. Also, after speaking with other coworkers, they have been experiencing the same annoying problem. Like I said, this recently started. Any idea as to why? 

7 replies

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Most of the time you’ll need to check Network Selection and make sure it’s set to Automatic. The secondary thing I can think of is the battery being in a power saving mode causing the phone to conserve battery life and avoiding searching for and connecting to the network automatically.

I have exactly this issue happening too.  I’m a pilot with an airline so, like the author said, this having to constantly completely power down then power on is annoying.  I searched a bit online and tried a few this with no avail.  I’m not in power saving mode and the cellular is set to automatic.  I even tried to manually pick multiple other carriers, but that doesn’t work either.

I found a article that mentioned some things to try, but this article was from years ago and obviously from a different iphone version.  They recommended the Network reset, which I did to no avail.  They then recommend a full restore.  I haven’t done that and plan on that being my last ditch effort.  

I am going into T-mobile to try and see if I can get a new sim card.  I’ve heard in the past that a “burned” out sim card can cause all kinds of issues.  I charge regularly and always keep my phone at 100%.  I’ve heard this sort of charging can cause heating issues and therefore burn out the sim card.  I don’t know.  I’m going to try, and see if that works.  If anyone else has some ideas, I’m all ears.  

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Sadly, this appears to be an iPhone/iOS bug.  I’ve noticed this as well on iPhone 12 (not Android), as well as those that fly for business.  This is not a SIM card issue, but an Apple issue.

Well guess you’re right. After SIM card replacement, problem still persists. Others with iPhone I work with who have different carriers do not have this issue. Not sure what it means. I don’t know of any other ways to fix it. Hopefully just a iOS bug that will get corrected in the next update. 🤞🤞🤞

Exact same problem. My wife and I are both airline pilots. We have the same issue after majority of our flights. We switched from Verizon in April. Seems to be a T-Mobile issue. Co-workers with other carriers do not have the same problem. If this persists, we will have to find a better product/ service. Hard resets multiple times a day is unacceptable.

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My WAG would be that it’s due to an iOS bug brought about by a recent update. Reason? Well it wasn’t happening before and now a number of people all report it about the same time.

Same issue. I’m an airline pilot too. This is incredibly annoying.