No service, and no support

  • 14 October 2020
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I purchased an A11 a month ago from and now there is no network connection. first time in over 16years having tmobile I ever had a problem so not a bad run. but the way they are handling my problem now makes me want out and Ill give them untill 10/16 to make good.I received my new phone on 9/8/20 activated the next day and on 10/8/20 I have no more service, 1 day after renewing my plan. They gave me 20 bucks off (big deal, I most likely wont be back) and I already paid 40bucks plus 180 for the phone which is useless. When I called 1800tmobile I get some person wo I cant understand because I live in America and customer support has such heavy accents and talk so fast so that you do not hear their made up names on purpose. either way they “said” they will create a ticket to have someone look into this. No ticket number, did some troubleshooting and no luck. Called back the next day that person said they will create a ticket I told them one was created, they couldnt find it again no ticket number. I call back the next day to get a ticket number and 3 different techs put me on hold then dropped the call. Monday rolls around and I spoke will Cecile who was very nice, told me no one created any tickets, created one and gave me a number then told me to go to the tmobile store to return it. Great… Store said they cant help they have no RMA no shipping label and no record of sale because I bought it online. called back and was told to bring it to another store to test my sim card in a dummy phone. the store in plainview NY was very nice no dummy phone but at no charge hooked me up with another sim card. still no network connection. Tmobile has not responded to the ticket yet, and when I called they said I have to take it up with Samsung they cant help.

I think I answered my own question as Im typing, Verizon here I come!!!!!

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