No service in Dominican Republic, troubleshooting methods and help?

  • 8 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I Bought the 70 bucks a month travel unlimited pack.

I Checked with tmobile and it's supposed to work in Domincan Republic, but when I arrived, the phone said "No Service."

I did the usual futzing aroun, turnin the phone on/off, roaming on/off, cell data on/off, but nothing.

I Got to my hotel and using wifi, tried to contact T-Mobile with inter but a text is needed to verify and I couldn't receive or send texts. so no contact that way either.

i can't use the phone to call, and i am reluctant to phone from my hotel and pay the large per minute fees, but I might as a last resort.

please help me

2 replies

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Oh man @ryanmarchuk, I hate to hear that message is stopping you from using the service. What kind of phone do you have? Can you try manually searching for networks to see if any show up? If you're still near a Wi-Fi connection and your phone supports Wi-Fi calling, see if you can connected and make calls after that.

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Just checking in to ask, did you still need some help? Please reply back and let us know. Thanks a bunch!