No service in Tokyo, Japan for a week!!!

  • 7 December 2016
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I'm traveling in Tokyo since Nov.20th. I tworked fine at first and then all the sudden , the phone displyed "No Service" .

It's been more than  a week for being unavailable to use my phone. What's happening??? If this situation continues, I want my money back.


Best answer by tidbits 7 December 2016, 05:59

How long have you been there?

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6 replies

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How long have you been there?

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How much usage have you've been doing? There is actually a clause that majority of your usage needs to happen domestically. Also no service seems like it's a device issue as thats a sign you are not connected to a provider.

I came here 3 weeks ago and wil be another 2 weeks.

Current period data usage is 9.3 GB. Current period  roming data is 425 MB.

Japan and Korea, I understand, have limited ways to connect to a carrier.   If you can connect via wifi you can call CS at their 505 number toll free or by 611.

Did you try too manually connect too a network too see if it works keep in mind that this will Desactivate automatic network selection so if come back too the USA you would have too put in automatic network selection again  because the phone might not connect too t mobile network too do that go too settings mobile data click options and then mobile networks scroll down and you will see a network operator option  this is on android on iPhone just click settings and you should see quickly network operators