no service or coverage Phila PA

  • 10 October 2018
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Since 8:15 AM this morning i'v had no service and it is now 1:15 PM. i cannot make or receive phone calls. spoke with 3 reps from t-mobile they're all "looking" into it. The third rep is suppose to call me back within the hour, shes already 15 minutes over the hour but i will wait a little more. I don't understand if there are all these towers i should of had service within seconds. It shouldn't matter if my t-mobile plan is prepaid or regular, it's still a t-mobile service. I think i'm going to get rid t-mobile because this is really an inconvenience!

2 replies

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Hmm, was a Service complaint filed for your area? Did you get any additional info other than folks looking into this for you? Sorry to hear about the service but I do wanna make sure we do all we can to help.

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Hi again.

I'm sure filing a Service Complaint with our Care folks should help. Have you reached out recently to have that done?