No service this morning

  • 13 January 2021
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We had a horrible storm last night here in Western Washington and now I am not getting service unless I turn on WiFi and then it’s extremely slow.  Texts are taking a long time to go through if they go through at all.  Is there an outage in the area?

2 replies

We live in Totem Lake area in Kirkland, WA, and we are also experiencing issues after last night’s storm. I have an iPhone 11 Pro, and it is nearly impossible to send even a text message with the current connection problems. 

Will T-Mobile be looking into recovering this data coverage? I worry this information will not be available to the public, and we may just become a deadzone for coverage now. Fingers crossed it is fixed! 

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Since T-Mobile’s headquarters is in Bellevue, I suspect that they are aware of the problem.