no Wi-fi Texting or voice call

  • 6 April 2021
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Galaxy S20 ultra lte

was working 24 hours ago.

accepted software update, now no texting or voice calls over WI-FI. 

in area with no cellar net work right now.

I can send Pics.

settings, connections,wi-fi calling   on ,wi-fi preferred  , e911 is set and saved

Wi-Fi for data and internet is working.


5 replies


Update: pics did not send.

no network connection. After factory reset WI-FI connects to router. texting and voice and pic’s all work.

turn off or get out of range of Router and I loose all the above but still have data ( web surfing, streaming, and such). 

i have 4 ghosted signal bars when all is working, after loss , I have a no signal icon( circle with bar ).

can not find a way to reset without doing a factory rest.

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reset as in network reset?


as in change the no network icon back to the 4 ghosted bars.

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turn on airplane mode then switch it back perhaps?


Tried that all ready didn’t work