Not receiving texts from other network carriers

  • 2 September 2020
  • 4 replies


A few days ago I stopped receiving texts from people who are not on T-mobile.  I can send texts and they are received, I’m just unable to receive texts. I do receive texts from those on T-mobile. 


Here’s what has been done:

  • Restarted my phone
  • Network reboot
  • Cleared out cache
  • Confirmed numbers are not blocked
  • T-mobile has done a refresh
  • Changed out the sim card (my texts didn’t come through)
  • Tried my sim card on another device (my texts didn’t come through)

Before doing a factory reset on my phone, has anyone had this issue and have another fix?


4 replies

I am having the exact same issue.  I stopped receiving texts on Thursday, 11/19 at 9AM and it has been two days since I have received a text from anyone outside of those that are on the T-Mobile network.  Anyone on Verizon, ATT, etc cannot send me a texts.

I was on the phone with Customer Service for an hour, changing settings, clearing my message cache/data, restarting my device to no avail.  Went into a TMobile store for an hour and they changed out my SIM card, and did all the above steps, and still no luck.

Finally, my only option was to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S20+ at the tune of $1200 to make my problem go away.  I'm holding out another day before doing that, in hopes that after 3 days, like above,, this all works again.


So after trying everything and about to do a factory reset, all my texts came flooding in at 8:01 am on 9/3, three days after the problem began.  So glad I didn't try the factory reset!!! T-mobile has no explanation, it's a complete mystery at this point. 🤪

But phone is not detecting my Bluetooth devices! 🤦‍♀️

I dont have a solution but wanted to comment that my husband and I are having the same problem as of last friday morning. We receive text msgs from each other but not from other carriers.. I have done everything you mentioned and have an open ticket that I opened at the beginning of this week!


i am having the same issue. started on Thurs 9/3. called t-mobile. they are escalating it to engineering. now i wait. ugh.