Not Receiving Texts on New Phone

  • 27 September 2020
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I had to replace my phone (Moto X 4), and purchased an unlocked Moto G Power. After setting up the new phone, I am not receiving texts from some contacts.

What has been tried:

  1. Verified that these contacts are NOT blocked
  2. Verified can receive phone calls from contacts, and they receive texts sent by me.
  3. Reset APN settings
  4. Reset Network connections
  5. Cleared cache and data on messaging app
  6. Installed different messaging app and set as default
  7. Restarted phone several times, leaving it off for various amounts of time, up to 20 minutes
  8. Factory reset phone.
  9. Powered on old phone (now with no SIM card), and received all missing texts on that phone.
  10. Turned off mobile data on new phone to see if messages would deliver over wifi, and still did not receive any of the missing messages.

1 reply

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I don’t know but we’ve also been having issues with texts today. Not sending, not receiving, etc. Had to reboot two phones. It seems that since the Sprint merger there have been a lot of network glitches. Just coincidence? Not sure.