Note 20 Ultra %g, no data on 5G network

  • 26 August 2020
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Just got and activated the new N20 Ultra 5G with a new sim, and it has no data or internet when on the 5G network:

  • system shows full bars and 5G logo (verified on converage map that I’m in 5G area)
  • can make/receive calls
  • can send/receive text
  • no internet
  • no other data for other apps

Tech support had me reset a couple settings, but nothing to get the 5G working.  So I’ve had to disable 5G (or use wifi) to be able to use any data.  I’m hoping it’s not just me, and others are having the same issue?  Any other input or guidance is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

5 replies

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Did tech support say if there was any outage in that area? 4G is working...correct? What settings are listed in your Tmobile APN settings?


She did not say there werenany outages, but they 'may be doing work to the cell tower'. I turned on my wifi and thought nothing of it until I left  the house, where I had to switch off the 5G.


My settings show just T-Mobile US LTE ( A quick google search shows adding I may give that a try, or look at similar options/solutions. Appreciate you asking, as it may have put me in the right direction.



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Yes! I saw that, too. I’ve been considering doing the same, though I have no connection issues. Just as sort of a fall back position should I find an errant connection spot in the future….I’m kinda afraid of messing with perfection :rolling_eyes: .

I called tmobile today over 5g issues they stated it's a 5g network problem and it's been going on for a few weeks and they are aware of it. They are staying there will be a software update rolling out soon

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I wonder why the 5G settings work in some areas and not in others… different antennas I guess? :thinking: Really, makes me think I should add those other APN settings just in case. We don’t travel much right now, but later, I’m sure we will again!