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Hello.  The cell dropped a call today, and when I called back, the receiver could not hear my voice.  I attempted to call multiple people, and had them call me as well, and still no one was able to hear me.  This is a pretty new cell, so I am not sure what is happening.

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Yikes -- so incoming or outgoing, no one can hear your voice? Is this just through your device, or are you using any kind of bluetooth headset? Did a reset help at all, and is this happening in multiple locations? Please let us know a little more if you're still having trouble so we can try to figure out what could be the cause!

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Marissa had some great questions! Just wanted to check in on those!


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Hey there! Just wanted to swing by once more and see how things are going for you. If you're still having trouble, please fill in a few details for us so we can help! 😊 Thanks!