Pay as you go legacy - bad reception in Dallas

  • 19 October 2017
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I've had the legacy plan for about 10 years and it was working great until about a year and a half ago. Intermittent issues such as no signal, interference and dropped calls have been getting progressively worse. This morning I tried to refill the account from home and couldn't even do that as the call was dropped.


I was recently in Boston and the service was impeccable. What happened to T-mobile's coverage in Dallas?

3 replies

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Hey @tnfue

I am very sorry to hear that your coverage in Dallas is not what it used to be 😥 Getting reliable signal where you live and work is super important! What kind of phone do you have and what is your ZIP code? Also, I would like to compare the two areas so could you also get me the ZIP code you were in while in Boston?

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Hey there!

Do you still need help with the service there? If so, please give us some info. We can check out the area for you and see what next steps we can give to help get this resolved. Thank you.

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Happy Wednesday, @tnfue​! We wanted to touch base with you and see how your service is these days. We'd love to take a closer look for you -- if you're still looking for assistance, do you mind taking a peek at Chris's questions above and filling in some details for us? Thanks!

- Marissa