pay as you go with a 10$ prepaid card, wrong account balance!

  • 15 April 2018
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i started in march with pay as you go and a 10$ prepaid card. After 1month it show me account balance 1$! What happened? 2month = 6$ 10-6=4 and not 1!!


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Hey, @ichmagrosa​! I can see what you're saying -- the math here is definitely a little funny! The 30 day $3.00 charge for the Pay As You Go plan provides you with 30 "units" -- each unit is a minute or message. Is it possible that you went over the 30 units and it started using some of the remaining balance for calls or messages?
Have you had a chance to reach out and talk to a team with account access about this? We definitely want to make sure you're getting what you've paid for! 😊

Hi tmo_marissa

fine that you wrote me back!

I can give you only the information what i can see in my t-mobile account.

I bought the $10.- refill, prepaid card in march also i started with pay

as you go than my account balance was $7.-(OK).

At the end of the first month everything locked good. I had also 3 or 2

minutes good!

Now second month i looked inside my account and i saw account balance $1.-?

So that are the facts.

And it is a shame for t-mobile that i can not see the traffic or more

details in my account!

I also checked the app for ios but the second login for account details

always failed and there was no in app messaging found!

Thanks for your help


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Thanks for that update! You're right, there are limitations for the usage that can be reviewed for pay-in-advance plans. Are you able to take a peek at the call and message history from your device for this time period? Also, if messaging is most appealing to you but you need to work with a team who can review your account specifics, our T-Force team might be the right folks to help with this! They're active on Twitter (through DM) and Facebook (through Message)-- and in those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account details, so we can take a look with you! 😊

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Hi, Joerg! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to contact T-Force or our Care team to get some more information about your balance. Were we able to help out with this?

Sorry very busy,

Next week i want to make a visit in a new t-mobile store in our area.

Will give you a feedback.



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Awesome, just keep us posted! 😊

Hi marissa,

after activation the sim card i tried to check if international call is


But it was no call for me, only wait for the free signal.

So the guy from the t-mobile prepaid section said that this "call" are the

$3.- different at my amount balance.

I want to get a screen shot from the traffic report to sent it to my email

address but no change he said it is not allowed!

I hope really t-mobile will change the customer account (Prepaid) to see

more details!

Thanks for all your help


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Gotcha! Thanks for the update, and your feedback! This is something we hear from time to time and while I don't know of any plans in the works to change these usage records for pay in advance services, we're always happy to pass the suggestion on. 😊