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  • 21 April 2018
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I have what I think is a first gen personal cellspot and signal booster. It does not require wi-fi.

The coverage unit works very well in amplifying the weak signal. The problem is that the coverage unit only has a range of 10-12 feet. I have it at one end of the house and it works great there. Placing the unit in a central location leaves much of the house without coverage.

So my question is, can one window unit send to more than one coverage unit? If so, and if they are available separately, can T-Mobile send me an additional coverage unit? If not, can I get another window unit-coverage unit pair?

I do not want to upgrade to the more modern units as I do not have wired internet.

Thank you.


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Hey, @magenta2717812​! First off, thanks for sticking with us -- I'm glad to read this in-home coverage solution is doing the job, but definitely can understand your desire for additional support if it's not covering enough space!
It sounds like you have a Signal Booster. You're correct that the newer CellSpot wouldn't be a good fit, because it does require in home internet. At this time, though, the booster doesn't have additional coverage units that can be added to work with a single window unit, and there's a limit of one coverage solution (booster or cellspot) per account.

It sounds like you've already done some testing to see if you can place the coverage unit in different locations to improve the experience. Did the booster at any point do a more thorough job of amplifying coverage, or has it been much the same since you started using it? Just wondering if perhaps it's a little on the older side and maybe a newer signal booster would help! These devices tend to flux in and out of stock pretty quickly, but there is an added benefit to the newer device -- if you're in an area where 700 MHz has been deployed, the newer booster can pick that up as well, which can potentially improve your experience!

Thank you responding. I'm being sent an RS3. Unfortunately, the specs on the units you linked to do not specify model numbers, so I don't know if you are referring to the RS3 or a different model.

T-mobile files a waiver so that a second unit can be used at the same address/account as the first.

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Well, that's awesome news! 😀 I'm so glad that you were eligible for an override! I hope this solves the coverage issues for *both* sides of your home!

I hope so, too.