Phone has full signal but I can't use the internet

  • 23 June 2019
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For the past few months I have been trying to resolve this issue with my T-Mobile service:

1.  Phone shows 3-4 bars of LTE, but the internet won't work

2.  My co-workers with T-Mobile are not experiencing any issues and they sit right next to me.

3.  When I'm with my spouse, their phone will work fine and mine won't

4.  I have tried turning WiFi off, resetting network settings, using a different phone - nothing resolves the issue

5.  I have called T-Mobile multiple times about the issue and the technician just tells me to reset my network settings or they send a device reset signal to my phone and it starts working again, but only temporarily

6.  I've ruled out the device and location at this point, so what else is their to test?

7.  Sometimes when I make calls, the device can't hang up and my phone locks up.  This has happened on 2 separate devices.  I have to do a force shutdown/restart.

Device:  iPhone XR, updated to the latest version of iOS.

A side note:  Why do I have to reset my network settings constantly?  Shouldn't my connection just work properly most of the time?

Thanks for any help, I am out of things I can try on my end.


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Delete your APN, then manually recreate it.  After you try that, power the device off for two minutes to allow it to refresh on the network.

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Hi there

Did we recently make any changes on the accnt and on the device? since when this concern started?

Shot in the dark.  I was thinking something with the phone or software, but you tried a different phone.  Did you use your SIM in the different phone?

How about putting spouse's SIM in your phone and testing.   If problem still occurs, then check account status with T-Mobile customer service or possibly get a new SIM and see what happens.

That's the best I can come up with.   Nothing else comes to mind.

Good luck.

EDIT:  The APN suggestion seems reasonable.  I never had a problem like that with APN, so I'm curious to know if that turns out to be the solution.

Thanks for the help — this is actually a new SIM, I had thought maybe the SIM was defective but that didn’t help.

What about account?

I don’t think T-Mobile allows editing APN settings on iOS.  I can manually choose T-Mobile as my cellular network.

No changes to account, I verified that yesterday.

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Hi there.

Having this kind of concern is very frustraing. Let's check if this can somehow be resolve. can we recall if we made any changes on the device/accnt lately?

Have we updated the IMEI of the Phone? and the sim #?

I missed this response before.

Sounds like the APN idea isn't it. New SIM. You've tried with wifi off.  Problem is just data, not voice and SMS/MMS (correct?).  So, if you used your SIM in the other phone and had the same issue, then account is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Were it me, I would call T-Mobile customer service again.  Go through the whole story again.  Also check you account online beforehand at My T-Mobile just to double check.

I've had one experience where I called back 4 times before a rep saw the issue with my account.   The previous three had missed it.   Not knocking T-Mobile or the rep's; sometimes this happens.

Please post what you learn.

Again, good luck.

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Hi... Good Day

sometimes the update we need is not only on the device/phone. we also need to update the IMEI and Sim# associated to the device specially if we changed sim "Used the sim to other device we have" disregard if it's a t-mobile device or not, sometimes this is all it takes to help and resolve the concern.

case you did not make any changes then i think we need to check the device itself. if you have the t-mob app  we can use it to schedule a callback expert from your respective community will get in touch w/ you at your most convenient time.

Schedule from your device via the T-Mobile app

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can schedule a callback using these steps. If you don’t have your login info or if you’re not a customer, visit Contact Us for our phone number and other options.

  1. From T-Mobile app Home screen, tap MORE.
  2. Tap Contact us > Call team > Schedule a Call.
  3. Confirm the number where we can reach you.
  4. Select a date and time for the call.
  5. Tap Confirm.

We'll try to narrow down the root cause of this matter and atone this frustration that your experiencing.   

I like the idea of swapping SIMs between phones. That way you can isolate the issue to the SIM/account or the device.

Thanks - I will schedule a call.  I thought my old phone was the problem (iPhone 7+), so I ordered an iPhone XR from T-Mobile, but that didn't fix it.  I would think the SIM/IMEI would be updated on T-Mobile's end with a new device activation, but something could have gotten messed up.

SMS (not iMessage, since that uses data) and calls will work most of the time.  I have had to turn iMessage off before because I couldn't send any messages.

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Thank you so much.,  appriciated it technically when we forgot to update something to the accnt we wont be able to enjoy the service it works partially or not at all. everytime we change/swapped sim to other phone/device we must update IMEI corresponding to it as well. Were looking forward on this matter w/ positive outcome.,

Oh and while your waiting for the scheduled call back from your team of experts, please check our current T-mobile Tuesday Perks to atleast somehow ease your frustrations. 

Please post an update when you can.   It will help others searching later.

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We will Absolutely once it's available, Thank you so much.

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"Please have this one run to all devices on your accnt not only w/ there is problem but practice this often to prolong life of device and its always in good condition as well" i do apologies for this late info.

Diagnostic Metrics

Turning metrics collection on or off

You can turn metrics collection on or off from the T-Mobile app.

Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.

Tap More.

Tap App settings.

Tap Diagnostics.

Tap the Agree box to check or uncheck.

Tap Next.

Tap Accept or Decline for Issue Assist.

Tap Accept or Decline for Personalized offers.

Types of information collected

The Diagnostic Metrics may collect the following:

Device signal strength

System crashes

Dropped calls records

Battery performance

Application usage

Uses of the metrics data

T-Mobile only uses the collected metrics to:

Identify apps that are using too much memory or processing power, which could drain your battery.

Return your device to peak performance.

Recognize when your device has been using a weak network signal.

Note: Information collected is not used for the marketing of third-party products or services, without explicit customer consent. For more information, please review your applicable Privacy Policy:

T-Mobile Privacy Policy

Metro by T-Mobile Privacy Policy

The IMEI for my device was not correct on T-Mobile's end.  The tech told me since my area code is different than my spouse's, that could cause problems as well.  I am not going to change my phone number.  I'm not buying the area code issue, but the IMEI issue was definitely going to cause some problems.  I'll report back if the IMEI update fixed my problem.

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Thats good to hear that were narrowing down the root cause of the concern,hopefully this can be fixed in no time.

Not really any improvement, still having issues with internet working and then not working constantly, even with 3-4 bars of LTE.

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     Im very sorry to hear that it still occurs despite our effort. Did you run the diagnostic metric to your phone?Diagnostic Metrics  has it been troubleshooted by tech expert? if all of these had been done then our last option is to check if we are still eligible for warranty/insurance claim in that way we can replace the phone. We have two (2) Options 1. Check Your Service and Support Coverage - Apple Support Get Support  iPhone Service Pricing - Apple Support Or 2. File a device protection claim  Phone: 1-866-866-6285 or Online:   for further Assistance.

Hope this could help you on this matter.

Thank you

I’m done troubleshooting and calling to resolve this problem, it’s been happening for over 2 months with 2 different devices.

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   Then its time to proceed w/ the warranty/insurance claim part. We have exhausted all our resources and applied necessary actions to resolve this concern. all of that wont do anything if the concern is w/in the device system itself.  check if we are still eligible for warranty/insurance claim in that way we can replace the phone. We have two (2) Options 1. Check Your Service and Support Coverage - Apple Support Get Support  iPhone Service Pricing - Apple Support Or 2. File a device protection claim  Phone: 1-866-866-6285 or Online:   for further Assistance.


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Please do Check if there is a modernazation on going to your location. if there is modernazation it can cause for the service to be impacted too, most will to mobile data. you can only use service SMS/Calls until modernization were done.

Dial  *3001#12345#* - check signal strenght

*3001#12345#* Iphone Measure Signal Strength

*#*#1472365#*#*Quick GPS Test‎: ‎

Tools Signal Check


New iPhone XS

T-Mobile App

operating alternately on mobile network and various wifi networks


I do not have Diagnostics Metrics as described above.

T-Mobile App > More > App Settings all I have is Manage Face ID (which takes me to the iPhone settings for the T-Mobile app).  I've also looked through the app.  No Diagnostics Metrics in the app on my phone.

(I do have the VPN running, and maybe that is a factor, but I haven't tested with it off because I'm not turning the VPN off.)

Agree, the area code suggestion doesn't compute, not for me.