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I am also having similar problems.  I've been told that when friends call my number it rings, goes dead silent, and then goes to voicemail.  This happens a lot.  I also have problems sending texts around where I live.

It is certainly strange and very unpleasant experience. I live in Marlborough MA and have good coverage at home. I tried using other t-mobile phones at home to call this number. It worked! I hope this issue will not repeat. Is there anyway to ensure?

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@lindak4374 - Is this happening with 100% of your incoming calls and outgoing texts? If so, is it only happening where you live?

@magenta5806482​ - So what happened? You tested it again and the calls are coming through now? 

It happens about 75% of the time...mainly where I live, but I've had the problem elsewhere. I'm new to T-Mobile and starting to wonder if I made a big mistake.

I am not sure anymore. It is clear that I missed many calls last week.

BTW, I couldn’t make T-Mobile Visual Voicemail to work on this new phone.


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@lindak4374 - We are going to need to look at your specific areas where this is happening. Please contact us so our tech care folks can gather the necessary information from you to open an engineering service ticket.

@magenta5806482 - Please do let us know if the issue persists. As for the visual voicemail, could you elaborate on that a bit?

I just missed another incoming call. It directly went to VM. There is not even an entry in the call history 😢

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@magenta5806482 - So this is going to happen when the network cannot reach your phone to notify it of an incoming call. If this is not happening 100% of the time, it is most likely a network issue. We would need to speak with you over the phone to gather some examples of this to really dig in to what is causing this. Please contact us when you have a moment.

I had a support online session today. I was asked to reboot my mobile. Support person called me. It seems to work fine. I was back with this issue in couple of hours. I even tried using my wife's phone to call my number. The call went straight to VM. After reboot, I started receiving the calls. Even a SMS for VM came thru'.

I need a close investigation and will reach the support line tomorrow morning.

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Thanks for the update! If this issue is temporarily resolved after a reboot, we may need to look into replacing your SIM card as the device reboot forces the SIM to establish a fresh connection with the network.

A reboot helps mine as well...for a while.

Please explain. Shall I call T-Mobile support and request a replacement SIM? I could not take a chance of missing incoming calls. Thanks

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You can let the support folks know over the phone that the reboots help and that should lead them toward a SIM replacement as it is a telltale sign.

I've been having the same problems described here and in other similar threads. I can lend credence to the theory that it's associated with Chinese-manufactured phones because I have a OnePlus 5t. It feels like about half the time I have the issues described above -- calls not ringing and going straight voicemail, texts being delayed and received hours later, usually the next time I pick up my phone to place a call.

Hopefully this gets figured out soon because it has been very frustrating for me as well as friends and family.

I spoke once with Tmobile support to try and fix the issue and they recommended I clear my cache and reset network settings but the problems persist.

I have a Samsung S5 and I am not getting texts nor phone calls for the last 3 days.  This is not acceptable since I am my mom's emergency contact and the facility has been trying to reach me for the last 3 days.  At first it was just phone calls but now it texts.  I am also having troubling with outgoing texts.  I rebooted but no change.

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Hey there! I'm sorry your phone is giving you such a hard time! On your device, does it show you have bars and LTE (or 4g, 3g, etc) service?

This is what I did. It seems to be working fine.

Removed SIM and carefully cleaned it using hydrighy peroxide.  Wiped the electronics clean, mounted it tight and reinserted it.

I have also had the same problem.  I'm on a custom rom for my galaxy note 3, with latest baseband and modem.

When my phone is in 3g mode, it works all the time.  However I would like to use LTE for data, and sometimes when the phone is not being used, incoming calls will not turn on the phone and drop from 4g to 3g (no volte on custom roms 😥)

Therefore, the only way to reliably use it as a phone is to keep 3g on.  which isn't as good as lte obviously

Not just Chinese manufactured phones. I am same issues with Samsung note 8 dual SIM.

I am having the same problem with the same Sony Xperia but my boyfriend is having the same issue with a BLU phone. I called customer service and they told me that I needed to switch from an unlocked phone to a T-Moblie phone. I declined. I left Sprint because of being locked into their phones. My issue started about 2 weeks ago on both phones. I don't think its a phone issue. I think its a network issue. Customer support submitted my ticket to engineering. We will see.

This is a very interesting conversation with lots of good information!

I've been a T-Mobile customer since roughly 2004 and have been using an unlocked Xperia X Compact in NYC since March 2017 without any issues (phone specs here: On October 16 -- the date, as it turns out, that my local tower began to be modernized -- I discovered that I could not receive incoming calls. The phone wasn't ringing on my end and was simply dead air on the caller's end for about 10 seconds, until it went into voicemail. (As far as I can tell, everything else -- outgoing calls and incoming and outgoing texts -- continued to work fine.)

I've spoken to six or seven representatives at this point (who have all been wonderful and very thorough) and have gone through all the basic troubleshooting steps, as well as having my network connection reset and having the engineers look into the matter. Each time, it seems like the problem has been fixed, but a few hours later, it unfortunately resurfaces. Switching my network type from "LTE(preferred)/WCDMA/GSM" to "GSM only" has been the only way to reliably receive my incoming calls.

I downloaded the T-Mobile BYOD app per @magenta5107645's suggestion (thank you!) and discovered that my phone "doesn't support Extended Range Coverage (700 Mhz) and Voice Over LTE." Per my most recent discussion with a representative today, my phone is incompatible with the modernized tower in my area and so will only be able to support calls over 2G. According to the rep, my only options are to use the phone on 2G only or to switch to a T-Mobile device.

This definitely makes sense with the timing of the tower modernization. However, I'm still not completely clear on why I'd be able to receive incoming calls intermittently, and to make calls and send and receive text messages without issue, if my phone isn't compatible with the newly modernized tower. It seems that if the phone were not compatible with the new LTE frequencies, it wouldn't function at all, rather than functioning intermittently for some tasks and well for others.

@tmo_chris (or anyone else who may know!), if you have the chance to look this over, does it seem like there could possibly be any other explanation (SIM card or some such)? Or is retiring my current device in favor of a T-Mobile locked device my only option? (I want to be sure that's going to work before I go to the trouble and expense!)

Thanks so much for reading and for any information anyone can provide!!

I've had my Sony xperia for a couple of years and no problems until recently my wife has called a few times and the call hasn't reached me. Infact we had quite a heated discussion, me showing her my call log with no call and she showing me hers with the call, glad to see other people with the same problem. Texts have sometimes come through late yesterday she texted me in the afternoon and it didn't come through until 8pm. My wife has an iphone so i blame that, luckily I have two phones one business one personal . I'm going to check on other carriers, tmobil doesn't treat long time customers with any degree of appreciation, we don't get pricing deals, recently I noticed I was running out of data, I thought I was on unlimited data but seemingly not when I checked my plan for some reason it showed 1Gig but, here's the kicker, selecting an extra Gig was free, 2Gig is the same as 1Gig. why didn't customer service tell me, they're always trying to sell me up to a new phone. My bill is on autopay and every other month they tell me the payment can't go through and to update my card info, every other month the payment goes through no problem, I just ignore it, what a way to run a business

Same issues on incoming calls.

Unit:  Oneplus 6 and OP6T

On 3G or WiFi Calling no issues

LTE NO Incoming calls, ALL calls goes directly to VM

VoLTE is a hit and miss

Same issue with my phone, cannot receive text messages, however I am able to send? Weird.  Also some phone calls I don't receive and no voicemail notifications.  Also when I did receive text messages, it was sometimes delayed by a few minutes or even more.  This is going to be a problem since tmobile is not admitting to any problems, I might switch to at&t. 

Same issue with my phones since 2017. I have been used difference brand phones, below is what I'm figured it out:

1. The problem only happen when you'are using non-T-Mobile device and does'n have WiFi-Calling option to enable it. (That's why Huawei mate 9 works, but mate 10/mate 20 don't)

2. The problem only happen when you connecting to a WiFi network. Every Incoming call will make the phone switch from 4G/LTE to GSM, but seems the phone loses the connection while SWITCHING. It means the phone lose the connection with signal tower/T-Mobile network, that's why the calls will go to voicemail directly.

3. After you make an outgoing call, then the phone will back to normal. But the incoming calls might drop again after couple hours.

4. Replaced a new sim card and problem keep the same.