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I have a MintMobile and my wife has Lycamobile(both these are MVNOs running on T-mobile network). I started seeing this issue from around Mar 2019. One phone is on LG G6 and the other one on LEECO S3. The issue is more frequent on LeEco compared to the LG phone. I tried swapping the simcards between the phones, tried switching off wifi-calling, tried toggling voLTE, but the issue keeps reappearing once in a while.

My phone, BLU Dash4 LTE, recently started exhibiting the same problem. Since I have not changed anything on my phone, it must be something that T-Mobile has done on the network side. I don't use my phone much, but do expect to be able to receive a call when it comes in, especially since I have my business line ring simultaneously on my cell. I have a legacy prepaid plan and keep data off except to download MMS messages.  I turn my phone off every night and upon power-up in the morning it does not take incoming calls or texts, but once I make an outgoing call, then it starts receiving incoming calls & texts, but only for a finite amount of time (which I have not been able to quantify), before it stops receiving them again.  Having Wi-Fi on or off makes no difference. I did a factory reset and this did not change the behavior.  Based on some of the previous posts, I tried going into Settings-->Cellular Network Settings-->T-Mobile-->Preferred Network Type and saw that the top choice (2G/3G/4G/4G LTE) was selected.  I switched to 2G/3G/4G instead, did a reboot for good measure and the phone is now working fine, at least for now.  Seems like 4G LTE was causing the issue and it might be because I keep data turned off.

One more tidbit of information.  My wife, who has the same legacy plan as I do and also keeps data turned off, uses an LG K20 Plus that was made for Metro PCS and her Network Mode is set to "GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto" and she has had no problems at all.


 @magenta5027830@lumia635@duke0011 , I have a theory.  The more research I do, the more I'm getting a feeling that this is related to Band 12.  There have been lots of reports over the past 3 years with folks with "Chinese" phones and non-branded TMO phones having service issues.  Check out OnePlus forum entries for OnePlus Two and OnePlus Three, as well as Nextbit, etc.  All your phones probably have "Band 12 support", but they may or may not have solid VoLTE implementations.  Download the TMO BYOD app from Android Play store and let us know the results.  Tell us what geographic region you're reporting from.  Run LTE Discovery or another similar app from Play Store and note what bands your phone sits on.  Disable WiFi and run straight from cellular.  Disable roaming.  If you've monkeyed around with your APN settings trying to troubleshoot, reset them to default.


Here's my theory.  In a periodic pique of assertive network management duties, in your area someone's gotten the bug to make sure that they're bouncing devices with marginal or missing VoLTE capabilities since their understanding of their e911 compliance requirements may require them to do so.


Best, austingonzo.



I have the same problem. My phone seems to go into some kind of “sleep mode”. I didn’t have this problem right away, it started earlier this year. It’s a galaxy s7 edge. Occasionally, my texts don’t go through and I have to send them twice. Usually, when that happens, I get a bunch of messages once my send text goes through. In that time frame, phone calls would also go straight to VM. I spoke to t mobile reps and they send me a signal booster but that didn’t solve the problem. I depend on this phone for work… I downloaded the LTE discovery app. TMO BYOD is no longer avail in the app store. I’m located in LA. Any suggestions? Thanks, S.