Phone not receiving calls/texts

Phone: Moto X, 2nd generation (purchased February 2015)

Over the past couple of months, I have been experiencing problems receiving calls and texts.

For phone calls, my phone will sometimes not ring or receive an incoming phone call. This occurs at both my home and office (4-5 bars in each location). On the caller's end, he/she will hear 2 rings and then the phone will go to voicemail. My phone will not ring, and I will not receive a notification of a missed call.

For text messages, there will sometimes be a notable delay between when a message is sent (as registered by the time stamp on the sender's phone) and when my phone receives the message. Again, this occurs at both my home and office. (As an experiment, someone texted me while sitting next to me on my couch at home; the message took 45 minutes to appear on my phone.)

There is no predicable pattern for the missed calls/delayed messages. I have considered (and rejected): location, time of day, whether I am actively using the phone as someone is trying to contact me (or, alternatively, whether it is asleep), charge level on the phone, whether my phone is connected to WiFi (although I do not have the option of WiFi calling on this device), and the type of phone/carrier that I am being contacted from. My phone is completely up-to-date.

I suspect that this is a problem on T-Mobile's end rather than mine, but I am open to any suggestions. Needless to say, I am frustrated with this problem, and friends/family are frustrated that they cannot reach me reliably!


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I'm bummed this is giving you so much trouble but thanks for being so thorough with your testing. Have you tried the phone in safe mode to see if messages/calls work better? You should also try changing the network setting (example, use 2G only) to see if it works better on another frequency.

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Hey there! Are you still having problems receiving calls and texts?

Thanks for your help! I switched the phone back to 3G and that seems to have resolved the problem.

I'm a little disappointed that I've had to move off of LTE, but if it isn't working then there's really no point. Does anyone know if T-Mobile has done something to their LTE configuration lately? It looks like I'm not the only one who has developed connection problems...

I've changed back to 3G, per the previous suggestion, and that seems to have resolved the issue. I wanted to test it for a couple of days before I responded, though; I like to be thorough!

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Thanks for clarifying! Since this is only a delay and not a complete failure, I don't think this has anything to do with any network upgrades causing your phone to stop working. With it being a delay, the way we will need to investigate this is going to be with a support ticket that our engineers will dig into. If you have a moment, please contact us so our tech teams can get the ball rolling on this.

I have a nexus 5 and have seen the exact same problem recently for calls.  I haven't realized a delay in text messages but it's possible that there may be one that I have not yet detected.  I just switched my phone to 3G to see if that solves it as suggested.

I posted a similar thread, and have been noticing this behavior too. Why did it work for months, and then stop working? I never needed to change my Network connection before. I never needed to change to 3G, 2G, etc. 8 weeks ago, why now?

Hi - I have had the same issues for the past 3 months, and have spent hours on the phone with TMO and Sony support.  The symptoms are the same.  I am in Central Austin.  My devices are BYOD devices.  My daily driver is a Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra which worked fine for three months.  I have also tried falling back to a Nextbit Robin.

TMO support wanted to make this an issue of VOLTE and HD Voice support being lacking on the Sony device.  The Nextbit, however, does have VoLTE support, and I experienced the same issue when I moved over my SIM card to it.

The Sony has been reset to factory settings several times.  Default APN settings have been downloaded each time.  I have received a new SIM card which I am using.

I was just about to buy new TMO branded devices this weekend, but am holding off on the added expense at this point.

I am starting to run LTE Discovery app and I am noticing that I spend most of my time on Bands 2 and 4 and only occasionally see Band 12.  In my home I stay at LTE icon most of the time.  I see LTE+ by default in other parts of my neighborhood.  TMO support had pretty much given up on this issue as all towers are reporting well from your end.

The Sony did receive an upgrade to Oreo at about the same time as when this problem started.  The Nextbit, however, is still running Nougat, and it has the same issues now, whereas it worked fine in the past.

I'd really appreciate an opportunity to get to the bottom of this issue.

Best, austingonzo

@magenta5027830 , @lumia635 , @duke0011 , I have a theory.  The more research I do, the more I'm getting a feeling that this is related to Band 12.  There have been lots of reports over the past 3 years with folks with "Chinese" phones and non-branded TMO phones having service issues.  Check out OnePlus forum entries for OnePlus Two and OnePlus Three, as well as Nextbit, etc.  All your phones probably have "Band 12 support", but they may or may not have solid VoLTE implementations.  Download the TMO BYOD app from Android Play store and let us know the results.  Tell us what geographic region you're reporting from.  Run LTE Discovery or another similar app from Play Store and note what bands your phone sits on.  Disable WiFi and run straight from cellular.  Disable roaming.  If you've monkeyed around with your APN settings trying to troubleshoot, reset them to default.

Here's my theory.  In a periodic pique of assertive network management duties, in your area someone's gotten the bug to make sure that they're bouncing devices with marginal or missing VoLTE capabilities since their understanding of their e911 compliance requirements may require them to do so.

Best, austingonzo.

OK, sure enough, I don't have this checked in my T-Mo profile (under billing address).  But this is a problem for me because I have family members on my plan that are in another metropolitan area.

Here are some links relevant to this case: Devices compatible with Extended Range LTE - Spectrum Gateway


Unfortunately, Windows Phones do not use Android applications. I cannot download the application you referenced. Thank you, anyway.

Of course not.  I should have considered that.  Many apologies.

Is the Windows Store still accessible for your device?  I am unfamiliar with what applications may be available that could duplicate the tasks I'm trying at this end.

Best, austingonzo

My son has an IPhone6S Plus and he isn't receiving phone calls all the time and is getting delayed texts. At first we thought it was just

me (Blocking Mom😮) but no it's random people too. Just started this month. He contacted Apple and they said it's the carrier and when he

contacted T-Mobile they said it's Apple. Really!! Someone needs to fix this problem.

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Not receiving calls and delayed text messages is no good at all @renoit​! These issues actually sound more like a coverage related problem. Do you happen to know if this happens more often when he is in a specific location?

I have been experiencing this issue for couple of months.  When my iPhone 5s goes into standby for couple of hours, it cannot receive call from anyone, the calls went to voice mail, but I am able to make calls. 

I reset this iPhone to factory default and changed SIM with no relief.  I put the SIM card into other two iPhone (5s and 6s), both started experiencing the same issue, they are able to make calls, but cannot receive calls after couple of hours in standby.  These two iPhone (5s and 6s) working fine on other operators.

It seems it's an issue with how the network is configured, when a phone is in standby mode for hours, it simply can not locate or not page the phone.

Anyone has any idea as to what went wrong?

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That is super strange @magenta5678466​! Do you know if this happens when you are in a specific area?

Hi Chris,

This has happened for several weeks, and it happens at some places more often than others.  Any recommendations as to what is the solution,it is very frustrated of not being able to receive calls.

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When issues like these are more frequent in specific areas, the culprit is usually the local tower and our techs over the phone can assist you with getting a support request opened up. Please contact us when you have a moment so we can dig deeper into this.


I called tech support, she had me keyed in special commands on my iPhone, the returned message showed the network has incoming calls routed to voicemail after the phone went to sleep.  She did something on the backend of configuration, I can receive call now.  However, she is not 100% sure she had get to the bottom of the configuration issue, I will monitor if I can still receive calls in next 7 days, and will report back then.

Hopefully, that's a help to others who have similar issue.

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Ohhh, okay. Thanks for the update. Please do let us know how the next few days go.


Just to report back on the issue.  It seems the issue has been resolved to a large degree.  I can receive calls for most of the times, about 20% of the times, the call went to voicemail immediately as before, and there is no promote of missing a call on the phone.  So, it seems the work on the back-end with the network configuration is working somewhat. By the way, the missed calls happened most around where I live.

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Glad to hear it is getting better! If this is location specific, it is more than likely a local tower issue and if you contact us, or tech care folks can open up a support ticket for your area.

I am facing the same issue on my new Huawai P20 Lite. Calls are directly heading to voice mail. How to fix this issue?

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Is this happening when you are in a specific area @magenta5806482 ? Is this 100% of your calls or just some? Did this just start or as it always been like this?