Phone will no longer open front door to building

I have been trying to troubleshoot this since last October. I have had several different cell phones since I have lived in my location over the last 6 years. I live in a condo and our phone number is plugged into a call box so that when someone arrives at our building, they find us on the call box, press Call and it rings our phone. We then press 9 to unlatch the front door. It suddenly stopped working last October. Around that same time I switched phones. Both were Samsung, but different models. Our call box was replaced around that time as well. I have tried to work with Samsung and the entry system people to no avail. When I say stopped working, I mean when I press 9, the door would not unlatch. It would sometimes work if I tried calling myself outside the building from the call box. In the past week it doesn't even ring my phone anymore, it goes straight to voice mail. So I don't know someone is outside unless they call my cell phone directly. Could this be a coverage issue? I'm trying this forum since Samsung has been trying but is unable to resolve the issue. The entry system company doesn't do much but they have tried taking the number out, putting it back in, or taking it out and putting in another number. Other numbers work. Most of my neighbors either don't use the front entrance or are in FL most of the year. One neighbor uses a landline, my neighbor next door uses AT&T I think. When I moved here over 6 years ago, I had to drop Verizon because we could not get coverage here. AT&T didn't work either. Neighbors recommended TMobile. I don't have any other phone issues.

Sorry this is long, but I am hoping someone will be able to help. If there is a TMobile Mod, if we can't resolve through this forum, perhaps it's a coverage issue that TMobile needs to look at.



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Hi, looks like others have clicked the 2G / 3G option when it's time to buzz ppl in..

No problem! Weird it had me as magenta2157747 but now I seem full name displayed.    Not sure what you see. I'm new to the TMO support community, but happy to see that I've made my mark to help fellow TMO folks.

Hopefully, TMO support can escalate this issue and feedback to the network engineers to get this corrected. In the meantime, at least there's a workaround.

Glad to be of assistance!


The Wo-Man..  

Sorry, shouldn't have assumed you were a MAN. LOL!

I don't know if it's a TMobile issue or something else but good to know there is a workaround.

Lol, no worries. I'm used to it. The odds are that it's a man you're speaking to when working in technology. Lol.

Also, definitely isolated to TMobile. I've had VZW, Sprint, and AT&T lines while living at my place, and this didn't start until I posted my phone to TMobile.  

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@magenta2157747​, thank you so much for sharing your workaround! I'm glad you were able to find a comparable settings tweak, @magenta1825022​. I know this isn't a permanent solution... a trouble ticket, like @tmo_mike_c​ mentioned, is the best way to alert the right folks (our engineering teams) to issues like these so that we can take a deeper look at why they're happening and if the issue is network compatibility on our side, get a permanent fix in place.

- Marissa

I'm hoping the mods here can give this info to TMobile network engineers so we don't have to go through all of this after spending so much time troubleshooting it ourselves. As the other magenta mentioned, she got the runaround from TMobile, so I don't want to open that can of worms. We'll have to start all over again explaining this and will get lots of questions...again.

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I definitely appreciate that -- no one would look forward to the experience that @magenta2157747​ had (and I'm sorry that she had that experience, frankly!). We can forward general feedback (and I will pass this up the chain internally), but the specifics that our engineering folks need to trace issues require account details that are entered through the ticket creation process, Since we don't have that individual account access in this public user forum, we refer folks with technical issues not solved by troubleshooting (and especially issues like these that seem network related) to Community-2153 to have a ticket filed.
I know not everyone's into social media, but if you use FB or Twitter, you can also reach out to our T-Force team in those channels rather than calling in over the phone! We have the ability to securely verify account details there, and can get the ticket filed for you without a phone call if that's your preference. 😊

- Marissa

Hi guys,

I recently got the same issue and was very annoyed by having to switch my mobile network to a lower one in order to open the door.

I saw some older posts on internet where iphone 6 was acting up on callboxes and the solution was to press the number 9 twice instead of once.

Tried it and it worked like a charm. No need to switch your mobile network. Press 9 twice or three times instead of once and the gate will open.

I hope that works for you guys too.

I have iPhone 6 and I have the same issue that door will open.  I will try pressing 9 multiple times.

Did T-Mobile finds out why this issue is happening only with their network (and works with other carriers).  It appears they kept quite without addressing the customer issues.


I just moved into a condo and am experiencing the same issue with the intercom system. i have an iPhone XR. I have contacted TMobile customer service twice now without any success in resolving the issue. Please do share if there is any way to resolve this problem as soon as possible. I would hate to have to switch my entire family off TMobile because of this...


Hi, Just for t-mobile tech support to know that the exact same issue still persists after more than 2 years since the original post here. The workaround (turn mobile network mode to 3g/2g only) still works but that is NOT a solution to the problem. The fact that only t-mobile customers suffer this issue says a lot about t-mobile. Please resolve this. I don't know if this is the right place to make this request. If there is a better place, please let us know too. It can be very frustrating to contact t-mobile customer support and get a round around.

I have tried this on my Samsung 8 and it does not work.

Any other suggestions?

We tried to turn the mobile network mode to 3g/2g and it worked for 1 try, but then refused to worked again.  Thank you so much for this post because it enabled us to try the different suggestions. Unfortunately none of them has worked for our Samsung 8 and the entry phone.  We discovered it is definitely a T-mobile issue and the fact that the keypad tones cannot be adjusted to a longer DTMF tone.  It seems like on other carriers the phone itself is capable, but when the phone is paired up with the T-mobile service, T-mobile controls the tones.  If they can come up with an update to allow everyone to adjust the DTMF tones individually so that it's longer and can be recognized by the entry system I think this would fix the problem.  We are now looking at different solutions which may be even new service just so we can get a line to work with the entry phone.  It is definitely very frustrating

sadly, you are right about the 2g/3g setting only worked once. I changed the setting to 2g only and worked for several tries. Not ideal but at least there is a workaround.

I had the some problem.  I have an iPhone 6S with T-Mobile, and I found that I can leave LTE on "voice and data," and when someone calls me from the call box if I press "9" twice, it unlocks the door the way it's supposed to.  I hope this helps.

This method was suggested and seems to work for some people. Not in my case, unfortunately.