Phone won't work in my office

  • 17 May 2022
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I live in zip code 67002 and my phone works fine there.  I work in zip code 67042 and when I’m in my office I can receive and send texts but anything attached will not download until I am out of the building.  I cannot receive or make any phone calls while in my office.  Any ideas to help?  Thanks.  

2 replies

What phone are you using? Are you on a Wi-Fi network in the building?


Attachments in SMS are probably as easy as a setting that allows you to download attachments while on Mobile. Most SMS apps disable attachments over a certain size or while roaming.

If you have Wi-Fi calling enabled, and you are on a Wi-Fi network at work, they may be blocking your connection. Try disabling Wi-Fi calling or only allowing it when you are at home. 

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also which phone do you have?


also you can send/receive texts fine but what about MMS texts (pic mail/group texts)? usually if you can send a regular text then calls should also work..what all have you attempted on your end to try and fix it? restart the phone? put it into airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes then turn it back off so the phone will re search out a new connection?