Plan to travel? Beware

  • 21 July 2018
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I have bought my phone specifically for my upcoming trip in NYC t mobile store  I was assured that the phone was compatible with Europe  Surprise surprise I'm stuck with 2G. After reaching out to the t mobile a team I found out that this specific model contrary to what I was told is not really compatible with the European frequency. By the way it took them 9 hours to figure it out. I think that this is a a very poor business practice. Correct information should be provided. Now lm stuck with barely functioning phone and financial loss

6 replies

Would love your input on the matter

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Getting accurate info is super important and this should have been made clear before you made the trip. What phone do you have? Were you looking at content here on the support site that needs to be updated? If so, please drop the link in a message and we'll take a look at it for you. Thanks.

It's  a Samsung  j3 prime.  Apparently  the  problem  is that  the frequency  is not exactly  the  same. So from  any major  carrier Vodafone  in Spain  and  Portugal  and Tim  Italy  you can get only  2G.  Why  on earth shouldn't the customer  be given the correct  information? !!!!

Being  stuck  at night  trying  to locate  a hotel  with  no data  coming  through is really  unnerving

Well Mike? ?

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I'm seeing there's 3G coverage in most of Spain. Portugal will have mostly 2G specifically around the western region. Can you check your APN settings and make sure they match what's on that page? You'll wanna restart your phone if you have to make any changes.

i am going to Greece on 07/23/2021 to 08/22/2021 any plans?