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  • 24 September 2021
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Sony just updated their Remote play app which enables a user the ability to log into your console over a mobile network. When I try to connect via LTE on my XS Max, I get an error. When I check my NAT type through the app on the mobile network, it returns an error failed. I think this is the problem and would really like to get this resolved. The error code is 8801e209. 

9 replies

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have you contacted the app devs to see what the issue could be?


to rule out device...are you able to get online perfectly fine or use any other apps that use data?


main reason im thinking its something on Sonys end is i can remote log into my xbox perfectly fine while on TMOs network. i have a feeling they will need to make some small adjustments to the app itself for each carrier..

The issue is that T-Mobile needs to open up ports to allow game traffic! They’ve always had a type 3 NAT Basically closing off almost every single port necessary for gaming. AT&T and Verizon customers are having no issues using cellular remote play only T-Mobile customers are having a problem because of T-Mobile‘s stupidly strict network

I’m also having this issue over a 5G Ultra Capacity Connection. Can connect to my Xbox and X cloud just fine, but the PS App does not work using Data with T Mobile. Funny thing is if I use this phone as a hotspot and use my old iPhone 11 for remote play, it works flawlessly. So it’s not the connection that is an issue but it definitely might just be a compatibility issue with T Mobiles network and PlayStations App. Where the fix lies will only be revealed with time I guess. Hoping it gets patched with an update.

X cloud*

Xbox and playstation have minimal port overlap. Xbox works fine for me but PS Remote Play doesn’t. I sorta workaround is to tether your t-mobile cell phone to and iPad/Mac or PC with Remote Play. This bypasses the restriction. Stupid and inconvienent I know but better than nothing until T-Mobile allows it. If we complain enough maybe it’ll get fixed. Glad I kept my unlimited hotspot from the internation add on from T-Mobile One. 

Got a fix for error code is 8801e209 ;)


Issue is still ongoing now showing different error numbers. I tried the resolution using Sprint network and it really works but the inconvenience and the fact that when using Sprint network can’t get 5G speeds makes it not only inconvenient but unstable and worse resolutions. I spent 2 hours last weekend reporting this issue to a T Mobile tech specialist and hopefully they are still working to resolve this issue. 

Running test internet connection on a playstation cabled into a t-mobile home internet box; I get failed on NAT type 

Don't see where to configure this or check in the t-mobile internet box gui. Been on hold for 45 minutes too.

Update: after an hour and 40 minutes. The tech on the phone didn't understand tcp/ip vs LTE/5g

Issue is still ongoing now cannot use Sprint network anymore. It seems like instead of solving the problem T-Mobile is making it worse unfortunately.