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  • 12 May 2022
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My phone was stolen on Saturday and I have had to to pay to get a new one but the new one hasn’t worked properly since I got it. I can’t receive messages, calls, etc and I paid the bill and the number is still active so what could be wrong? I even made sure the SIM card was in properly and wasn’t messed up. I barely have free time and I’ve spent the last few days that I do have going back and forth to T Mobile stores trying to figure out what’s wrong with my phone. Please help me. I haven’t had a phone for a week now and I take the train. I feel unsafe and nervous whenever I’m not connected to Wi-Fi, which is any time I’m traveling. 

1 reply

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Did you purchase the device from T-Mobile?  If not.  Is the device SIM unlocked?  Have you checked to make sure the APN settings on the device are correct? 

BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings | T-Mobile Support

Even a device without a SIM in it would still be able to call 911, if necessary.  When your device was stolen, did they activate the new SIM for you?  SIM’s that just come in the box with a device are not activated.