Poor coverage at Washington College, Chestertown, MD

My son will be attending Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.  The T-Mobile signal is very poor or not at all. He is using an Apple IPhone 6 Plus. If signal cannot be improved he will be forced to switch to either Sprint or Verizon which are rip-offs.


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Have we filed a service complaint for you before? It would be worth it so we can have our field techs check out the area. Keep us posted. Thank you.

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The coverage map suggests Good to Fair coverage, depending on your device.

The iPhone 6 Plus does not have Band 12, so you'll get the "Fair" end, which is probably why you have coverage issues.  The iPhone 6S Plus does have Band 12 and should have better coverage.

You'll need a device with Band 12 to get improved coverage in that location.

I don't have any independent data for Chestertown but T-Mobile's maps suggests that their single site (tower) in that area has been upgraded with 700 MHz. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that getting device with LTE band-12 (e.g. iPhone SE) would improve service around the college. Does anyone in the family have a phone with band-12?

You could also get that 6+ unlocked and take it to AT&T or an AT&T MVNO (like Cricket) and get service without having to replace the phone.

P.S. iPhones are generally regarded as having less-than-stellar RF performance. In other words, not the phone one wants in fringe reception areas.

‌We have Iphone 6+ and 6s+, Both have poor to no reception. Which puzzles me as to what is being reported.

We will check ATT if we can use the existing phone. The Sprint rep who was at the college, said that we needed to exchange the phone Which is unacceptable, since they only offered 650 dollars for the exiting phone. I am hope that t-mobile will upgrade their coverage, since they are missinag out on 2000 possible customers.

Well, the 6s+ should have significantly better performance around the town and college. I don't have any data, other than T-Mobile's maps, which are always highly dubious. I'd be surprised if Sprint worked any better but I've been surprised before. T-Mobile really needs to work on their network on the DelMarVa peninsula. It's always been a forgotten part of their system.

The 6+ will work well with AT&T but Apple made separate GSM and CDMA models of that phone, so not on Sprint or Verizon. You can check that by looking for a model number on the back. It should be A1522 or A1524.

Many people (e.g. my son) are happy with Cricket, which is AT&T's prepaid face. They have a 6 GB plan for $45/mo and a 10 GB plan for $55/mo.

The way you request the phone be unlocked is to contact T-Mobile and request the unlock. You need to provide the phone's IMEI (electronic serial number). With iPhones you wait until you are notified of the unlock and then sync the phone with iTunes. This completes the process. Here's the document on the subject: Unlock your mobile wireless device

‌Our phones are model A1522, we shall try cricket to see how the coverage is. If it works, I will switch my son to AT&T.

Thanks for your help

I'm sure that T-Mobile will be sorry to see your son go to another carrier but..... what you gon'a do? The phone needs to have coverage and T-Mobile has some serious work to do on the eastern shore.

‌He's more concerned about losing Pandora and Sirius streaming as he is listens to them all day long. Oh well he will have to depend upon the Campus wifi, but once he leave the campus, he will be hurting.

Modern times. 😕  I must be a dinosaur. I still use an iPod. Heck yeah! I'm a dinosaur and proud of it. 😀

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just wanted to say as the proud owner of 2 phones( one on At&t and one t-mobile) your coverage should be pretty stellar with AT&T in that area among others. Also AT&T hasn't been so bad with there pricing if your a family however they will destroy your wallet if your by yourself. Also cricket is nice but read the fine print theres some things that kind of stink i.e speeds capped at like 12mb per sec and such. Service should still be better then whatever your experiencing hopefully but it will take some getting used to.

Oh and you mentioned about your son loveing to stream music it should't be a problem i mean music streaming doesn't eat as much data as you would think. Good luck with school and such and see if he can get a student discount. Also look into project fi from google.

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Have we filed a service complaint for you before? It would be worth it so we can have our field techs check out the area. Keep us posted. Thank you.

Hi Mike

This is my first time as the weak coverage at Washington College, did not bother me, that is until my son choose it to attend.

How is a service request submitted, by me or you?



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Okay. We can have engineers check it out and see if something's changed. You can message our T-Force team through the Twitter or FB links below, and they'll submit the request for you. It can take some time for our engineers to investigate this further, but the complaint will be updated with information about the coverage there.





‌Hi Mike & Everyone

I drove to Washington College, my T-Mobile signal was 3 dots LTE. Browser response was vey good!! This was the first time that I could stream Pandora and SiriusXM throughout the Chestertown and Centerville area.

I Hope that Tmoble either sends a rep to WC when the students return at the end of August. They need the great plans that Tmobile offers!!!!!

Tell the people at TMobile support and please include yourself:




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That's AWESOME news!!! I'm so happy to hear that! Hopefully those students make the switch and take advantage of our service. Thanks for replying back with the good news! 😊

Be careful what you ask for. There's still only one sector serving that campus. Most of the service is based on band-12 and we all know just how many simultaneous video streams a 5x5 LTE signal will support.

‌You sound like the Sprint sales rep I met at Washington College. I suspect that the problem was the cell tower owner. However the problem has been been fix. My son will tell the other students about the great deals at TMobile.

Sometimes when you find a really great new restaurant but it has only 8 tables, you might not want to tell all your friends about it. Next time you go there you might have to wait half an hour for a table.

‌And the name of the restaurant is: MBC Towers, Inc.

My son has contacted his new friends at WC, they have told him that their ATT, Sprint, and Virison phone signal strengths are the same as what TMobile phones are.