Poor/No Service in Good Coverage Area

  • 14 August 2019
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Why do I have poor and frequently "no service" in areas listed as "4G LTE HD voice and our top data speeds, Fair signal: Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors" according to the T-Mobile coverage map (Patuxent River, MD). I just recently switched to T-Mobile after consulting the map and have been very disappointed. Is the coverage map simply inaccurate? It is quite a hinderance to have absolutely no cell signal while at work during the day.

3 replies

Same issue.  I'm about to file an FCC complaint.  The service is the worst I've ever had.

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The first question I’d ask is what phone you’re using?

Looking at both CellMapper.net and RootMetrics.com, I’d say service in Pax River is a mixed bag.

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if the map shows you as “Fair signal” then you will only get 1-2 bars of signal..which also means if a butterfly farts in the next state over you can drop down to 1 bar or none pretty easily.