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  • 12 September 2021
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Since Oct/20 I have been unable to get quality service from Tmobile,  bought a BRAND NEW 21 same thing had a rep say its the phone exchanged it 4 times ( 1 time wrong phone sent) and same thing... From rude reps to reps with no care attitudes.. Tmobile customer over 5yrs and this is the service I received..Surely won't be recommending them to ANYONE!!

5 replies

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What Do you mean by quality service? If you mean spotty 5G that's all dependant on where you are located which is one reason I haven't bought a 5G phone yet.


Quality service in that their promise of 5G is not been met, and it has nothing to do with service area

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If you search these forums for your phone make and model you will see a lot of issues with 5G connections.

I have a Pixel 4XL that had better and more consistent speeds than the 5G Oneplus phone I used for a couple of weeks.

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T-Mobile makes no ‘promise’ on 5G… or even actual service, let alone quality.

I’ve beaten this dead horse with T-Mobile often, and still keep pushing them on it.

From their coverage map and ‘Map Information’ popup.

Map Information: Map approximates anticipated coverage outdoors (including 600Mhz 4G LTE) based on a variety of factors, which may include limited or no coverage areas, and does not guarantee service availability. Some coverage (e.g., Narrowband IoT, millimeter wave 5G) not depicted. Coverage for Sprint customers may differ; view the Sprint coverage map for Sprint coverage. Within coverage areas, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, your equipment, obstructions, weather and other conditions may interfere with service quality and availability.

I got a 5G Revil . Had problems . Took it back  to store. Only 10 days.HAD RECIPT The 2  young girls said It had a virus and would not take it. I have spent a month trying to get service. I then drop the phone and cracked Screen. I took it to 2 different stores. They told me to take it to repair shop. Both repair shops said they could not get parts .Its too new. I took it to another T- mobile store ask them to send it In .THEY said They dont Do that. ASk me to leave store because I was loud. THey Just wanted new Customers. By the way ,when you call tM  and press 2for service you are put on hold, But if you press 1 for new customer they  Hop right ON. I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR OVER A MONTH FOR A PHONE THAT NEVER WORKED.