poor service

  • 22 December 2021
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whenever I call t-mobile, i get a run a round.  2 hour waits on the phone. poor service near my residence … ‘not registered’ … ‘server unavailable’ … etc.  no help from this company.  do I really need to find another provider?

2 replies

I don't have the same problem getting through, but the answers are always the same. “The towers  in your area are being upgraded; your  service is going to be so much better; let's unplug, power down, and wait a minute before  restarting, I'll call you back later to see how well you are doing (never happens)” Going through this every other day just tells me, Home Internet is not ready for Prime Time.

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In general… depending on how far away from the local ‘tower’.  Poor service (data/voice) - if its been that way since day 1, and T-mobile can’t answer if there’s a site being built.. you may want to check your options.