Poor speed and coverage when I need it the most, Disneyland

Not sure where else to tell T-mobile about saturation and coverage. Something all carriers deal with and have problems with someplace.

I know ATT is the official wireless sponsor of Disneyland. So they might have the best saturation capacity at Disneyland. But does that really mean that everyone else has to get crappy speeds? The hotels around Disneyland have terrible internet Wifi speeds. So I end up having to use my phone instead. But the speeds are only a little better. And nothing as good as when I am around non-congested areas.

Can't Tmobile increase cell capacity for places like Disneyland? It's been this way for years. Wireless data is no longer in infancy. This is sad.

And then coverage. Also an issue with all carriers. I get great speeds and coverage around my house, work, and locally in between. I live in a big city. Fine. Works great. But then when I travel, huge gaps in service and speeds. In 2017, you would think that a long straight flat highway like the I-10 between Phoenix and LA could have constant coverage with LTE and good speeds. Instead there is like a 2 hour 100% dead zone, plus more smaller dead zones and only coverage for the short few miles as you go through small towns along the way. Is it really that hard to put towers enough to cover large flat open areas on a straight highway with no trees? Again, not just one carrier with this issue and not just this area. But this is a simple example.

I am just so annoyed that when I want to be actively using my phone to share large events where there are a ton of poeple and no Wifi, that is why my speeds are either gone or terrible.

Ren Fest near Phoenix is another example. Not that far out of the city and my service works in that parking lot, and then nothing in the actual Fest area.

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