Porting in 907 area code

  • 8 January 2021
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I called to try and port II n a 907 area code to my account. I was told of course I could and then was talked into upgrading to 2 new phones with the line.

Subsequently I was told they didn't think they could port this number in. I see this had been a problem for at least 2 years.   I have an inquiry in now but If like to know ASAP if this problem can be remedied.


4 replies

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T-Mobile has no control over which numbers are possible to port in most cases.  If the reason it can’t be ported is because T-Mobile doesn’t have an E911 center servicing the area where your number is from.  Then they can’t port the number.  The FCC also has a list of reasons why some numbers and area codes do not allow their numbers to be ported.  More information can be found on the FCC’s website as to why your number might not be possible to port.  

Porting: Keeping Your Phone Number When You Change Providers | Federal Communications Commission (


T-Mobile was unable to port the 907 area code from Verizon to T-Mobile, we had to go with AT&T to keep the number. : (

I’m having the same issue! I’m trying to figure out if this is an FCC issue or a T-Mobile issue. I found that the only three providers that allow 907 numbers are ACS,GCI or AT&T. T-Mobile Verizon Mint mobile and Even Google voice and other online phone services like Vonage don’t except 907 numbers. I’ve heard several different answers to why but no clear understanding. I’ve contacted the FCC to get further clarification but haven’t received anything. We can send three men to the moon, but I can’t change one 10 Digit number from one cell phone provider to another. We don’t live in a world of “that can’t be done” we live in a world of “how can we do it” 

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The FCC is never quick to respond to anything that doesn’t have a simple answer.  More than likely, if your 907 can’t be ported in to T-Mobile and can be to Verizon or AT&T, there are two likely answers.  Either T-Mobile doesn’t offer coverage in the area of the number or there is no E911 center servicing that area for T-Mobile.