Porting issue impacts some texting but calls work fine

  • 9 January 2021
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Ported 3 lines from Verizon on Jan 1st.

Inbound & outbound calls work correctly reflecting ported number to call recipient.

Outbound and inbound texts to Verizon customers working correctly also.

Outbound and inbound texts to T-Mobile and AT&T customers however continue to reflect the temporary numbers that T-Mobile provided for each phone prior to the porting.

Other notes:

Phones are Google Pixel 4a 5G purchased at a T-Mobile retail store.

Both Verizon & T-Mobile confirmed that porting is complete.

Called T-Mobile porting number customer service each night since Jan 1st spending at least 1 hr. per call before agent concludes that the porting needs another 24 hours to complete.  Extremely frustrated as I am unsure T-Mobile understands the problem and is taking the steps to look deeper into the problem as it is now 8 days and I have about 10 hours invested over the phone with agents and nothing to show for it.  Switched from Verizon appreciating T-Mobile’s approach as “The UnCarrier” and the customer friendly initiatives Mr. Legere has launched over the years.  Unfortunately my experience with customer service has been so disappointing.  Everyone has been courteous however their follow-through and promises to see the issue to resolution have not been kept.  Despite this experience I want to stay with T-Mobile, however if the issue is not resolved what can I do?  Figured I would go this route hoping someone would understand the issue.  Pls don’t force me to go back to Verizon.  Any technical help or suggestions would be sincerely appreciated!

2 replies

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This sounds like an issue we’ll need to have a Trouble Ticket filed for. I’d give our Tech Care team a shot at this. You can reach out the T-Force team through our social media channels. They can file that ticket for you or check on an existing ticket if you’ve filed one already.


Thank you Mike.  Looking forward to response from T- Force.  Here is a specific example of 1 of the issues.

Example is texting with 2 of the 3 T Mobile phones.  Line 3137 texts line 3186 on the account.  Ported number appears on line 3186 so that part is good.  When 3186 responds back to 3137 the response goes to the old Verizon phone that had the 3137 line instead of the now T Mobile phone that has the 3137 line.  Also, the response from 3186 appears on the Verizon phone as having been sent by the temp number that came from T Mobile instead of 3186 that sent it.