Prepaid Unlimited plan slow data speeds

  • 10 March 2022
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I have had a prepaid unlimited data plan with TMobile for several years and it always worked great. I could stream live sports no problem. My speeds would only go down when I went over the 50GB.

At some point last year it seemed to change. Certain streaming apps would buffer all the time making games unwatchable. I figured it was an issue with the app but now more seem to give me the same trouble.

I thought it could be an issue with my device so I bought a new one, and now it might even be worse.


Do prepaid plans get worse speeds than other plans now? What could be causing this?

2 replies

I feel like they do but I can’t find anything concrete about it. Instagram definitely loads slower from what I’ve seen after switching to T-Mobile prepaid.

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TMobile post paid data has faster speeds since when the network is prioritized it favors those plans .

Check out the Prepaid TMobile terms and conditions for the full explanation.