Problem with 15GB International Data Pass not working properly after working right for 3 months

  • 9 September 2021
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After adding the the 15GB International Data Pass to my business account for the 3rd month in a row it is now blocking my devices and SIM’s in the Bahamas. This is my 7th trip to the Bahamas with one of these passes on my S21 (both Ultra and standard) & Inseego M2000 Hotspot. I also used the device in Mexico without any issues since June without any issues. Since Saturday I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with both the Philippines & Tampa Call Centers as well a a person in Executive Resolutions. Yesterday one call went on for 3+ hours. Still nobody has a resolution and waiting for a response. 

The pass worked perfectly in June, July, & August when I would purchase it. September has been a disaster waiting to hear some resolution that will allow the devices to work where they worked before during the last 3 months. 

Yesterdays calls revealed if the call centers removed (canceled) the 15GB Data Pass the devices worked. Once they provisioned it again they would stop working. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue or problems while I wait for someone at T-Mobile to figure this out?

3 replies


Problem resolved in under 24 hours once Executive Resolution (Joe) got involved. I appreciate the ownership T-mobile and Joe took in this. I am able to work while traveling. TY 


New update, an hour later both the S21 Ultra & Inseego M2000 went in No Service mode and wouldn’t roam. Appears to be a problem shortly after they provision the 15 GB International Data where it works for a brief period and will then no longer roam on BTC?

Frustrating that it worked fine for 3 months then in September it stopped working on the 15 GB International Data Pass. If they cancel the Data Pass it will roam, place it back on the account for the 2 devices and they stop working again but with slow speeds not the faster in the International Data Pass and you pay for the calls. Shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what the problem is with the Data Pass? They have a week to get this right before I am traveling again.


Back in the Bahamas again for the weekend and both devices with the 15GB International Data Pass fail to roam here where they worked in previous months. My personal T-Mobile cell without the pass works fine. Still getting the runaround from customer service an another ticket opened. Nobody has a clue at T-Mobile and can read the notes for the problems that started on 9/4. Executive Resolutions called me back on the 14th and assured me the 2 international data passes would work again this weekend.