Problems calling Spectrum home phone from T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S20


Tonight when my wife or I try to call my in-laws Spectrum home phone, it doesn’t ring through and basically seems to throw the phone off the Sprint/T-mobile network and then the phone will say “emergency calls only”. I have to go in to settings on the phone and “Update Profile” to get it back on the cell network.  I can call other numbers with out issue and up until today did not have this problem.  Anyone else experiencing this?  I technically have a Sprint account but am under the impression that the newer S20s are on the T-mobile network.

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youre techincally using both Sprints and TMOs networks currently..odd that it would bump you off the network though..if youre able to call all other numbers but theirs then i would think the issue is on their idea why it would kick you off the network though..are you using wifi calling or just straight up mobile network? and for whichever answer you have have you tried just mobile if you are using wifi calling? and or turned off wifi calling and tried with the mobile network on its own?


We were using mostly the mobile network, but wifi calling did not work either (My wife tried it but am not sure if she was booted from the cell network in the process).  As it turns out there was a major Spectrum outage in the area we were calling and everything is working today (and we can call them).  Still baffled why our phones would do that though.