Problems with LG phone

I would like to know why can’t the block feature under profile turn on. Having problem with new LG android switching over to Qualcomm snapdragon at start up. I know it’s hacked but can’t seem to clear with factory reset. All the old spam from that old phone is linked to this new phone and my single flip phone also. I can’t seem to keep my passwords private even with accessing T-Mobile account. Also, this Qualcomm snapdragon is completely destroyed, but line ********** seem to be still engaged although turned off three weeks ago and transmitting data to my new phones. And, my Gmail on this new LG won’t acknowledge the phone number on the LG for two factor verification. The phone makes selections before I even touch it. Please help. On the way to the store to return them.

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You might be better off creating a new thread for your specific issue rather than communicating inside a thread regarding a different issue.

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Thank you for the call out -- I went ahead and branched this comment to its own post for visibility so that hopefully other users will see it and be able to help! 😊