Problems with SMS and MMS texts from Verizon customers

  • 2 July 2020
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I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 2 decades, I have had my current Galaxy S10 for nearly a year, but in the past few months I get complaints from from my friends who use Verizon that they cannot text me, no matter what they do. They can call me, but neither SMS or MMS texts go through.

Other times I'm getting multiple copies of the same text from them over and over again. Sometimes it's 10 copies within the span of a few seconds Other times I'll get it repeated minutes apart but for like up to an hour or two. 

Since it is happening with multiple Verizon users, I'm guessing that it is some sort of breakdown in the gateway between T-Mobile and Verizon. I can call and text them fine.

Getting kind of frustrated with it because it's not just personal calls, but work related stuff and calls related to running my volunteer fire department, of which I am an assistant chief. I am on the T-Mobile first responder magenta plan if that might be a contributing factor.

My phone has all of the latest system updates from T-Mobile. Rebooting my phone has not fixed it. It's been going on, intermittently, since late April 2020. 


--Josh Karpoff 

3 replies

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have they mentioned if they run into the same problem with any other TMO users they might be texting?


and are these texts going directly to you and your phone number or getting routed through something else and then to you (gets turned into short code then fired out to everyone for the fire dept side of things etc)?


There aren't really any other T-Mobile users in my larger circle of people that I'm communicating with.

As far as whether it's being redirected through another service, the answer is no. All of my fire service 3rd party messenging apps are actually working fine, but that isn't where I'm having trouble. Its only regular SMS and MMS texts. 

I'm not using a 3rd party messaging app like Signal or anything else like that, just the default app on the Galaxy S10.

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more than likely you will need to contact TMO via Facebook or Twitter to have someone dig into your account and see if they can spot anything..anything that gets that deep cant be looked up in here by the agents unfortunately.