Randomly incoming calls are routed to my voicemail

I am facing an issue, randomly incoming calls are routed to my voicemail directly.

I don't get any notification or log for the missed calls, unless callers leave a voicemail for me.

I contacted TMob customer support many times but the issue is not getting fixed.


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It appears that the OP's ( @magenta5281709​) original issue was resolved by a signal booster being sent out by our Tech Care team. With that being said, we're going to mark the issue as resolved. If others are still having issues with this, please make sure you've talked with Tech Support to file a service request ticket first as this is network-related and we're unable to continue troubleshooting this route. If a ticket has already been filed with no resolution after a week, please create a new thread with your specific scenario and your ticket number so we can help out. 😊

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Yowch, @magenta5281709​! Missing calls is never a good thing, but the thing that troubles me the most here is the word "random". Typically we look for patterns with this kind of calling issue; so that we can determine if the device, SIM, network or WiFi connection is the culprit. Are you missing calls from all contacts, or does it seem to be the same few people each time? What kind of phone are you using and where are you primarily located when this happens (indoors, outdoors, landmark or cross street)?

Lastly, when you've reached out to our Tech team, what troubleshooting have you walked through? Have there been any tickets filed, and if so, do you still have the ticket number(s)?

Thank you!

The ticket number is 27981566.

This issue happens with all contacts (in my list and not in my list). Happens indoor and outdoor both.

With the ticket number probably you can know my phone number, you are welcome to give me a call for the specific details.

I happened again just 2 hours back today.

Thanks for your reply.

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Thanks for the ticket information, @magenta5281709​! I'm able to see the Engineer's feedback -- have you had a chance to test your SIM in a T-Mobile device yet? That would be their next steps in determining why this is happening.

Hello, I have this same problem. Occasionally the phone will ring, but usually I only know someone has called when I get a voicemail notification. I'm using an android phone, a Moto G5. Is there a solution for this?

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Hey @beige240d​!

Welcome to our Support Community! How often does this happen? Have you talked with Tech Support about filing a ticket for this?

Thank you for your response! I did speak with someone, who walked me through a few steps to reset... something. Codes that I call from the phone (##21#, and ##004#). Both returned error messages. I also went through the access points which were sent to me, and made sure they were all correct. I'm not sure if there was a ticket, since I never got a number. It doesn't help that the problem doesn't always happen, so it's hard to know when/if it is resolved.

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I know it's been a few days. Have you been able to get calls like normal? Our Tech folks can look at your account and look at the ticket as well as give you updates on it. It can take up to 3 days before the ticket shows a status, but there's a way to find info on it. Please keep us posted on how things are going.

I have the same issue. Switched to Tmobile in May and have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy 6. Was thinking of upgrading as that was the solution the people at the store offered. But looking at the community boards, it seems to be a persistent problem across the board.. so it maybe safer to switch back to ATT with whom I had no ticket number was 20035540.

Worst is each time i call I have to go through the whole waiting and cannot reach tech engineers directly.

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Hey, @rsiddhur​! Thanks for the ticket number -- I took a look at the results, and the engineering response mentions that the coverage and sites (towers) around the address where the ticket was filed were analyzed and all found to be functioning properly -- no alarms or degradation has been detected. Engineering found that there was good coverage at the problem address across all bands (UMTS, LTE, and LTE700A) and at the time and place of the complaint the location was being served by several sites which should all be within effective signal radius.

That said, if you're having trouble in all locations, then the issue may be device related. The engineering team noted that if you're having the same issue at a different location, our Tech teams need to file a new ticket with the new address and a specific date/time of occurrence, as well as what your signal strength looks like at that time. If this is occurring at home, then we may want to look into an indoor coverage solution for you!

@beige240d​, just wanted to check back in with you and see how things are going on your end!

Thanks for following up. I have missed one call that I know of. I don't get a whole lot of calls, so it's still kind of tricky to say if it's resolved. 2 things I tried were a soft reboot of the phone, and also I switched to 3G (instead of LTE). Hard to know if those things helped, or I just haven't gotten many calls, but since those 2 things I haven't noticed anything further. However, I am currently traveling (not in my normal service area), so that maybe I just get better service here.

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Definitely feel free to keep us updated on your experiences so if there is an issue we can help address. 😊


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Happy Monday, @beige240d​!

I just wanted to swing by to see how things are going call-wise. Have you noticed any missed/rerouted calls over the past couple of days? I'm hoping that everything is good to go now! 😊

I still miss calls occasionally without any notification.

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@magenta5281709 have you tested your SIM in a T-Mobile phone to see if calls come in more consistently?

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in once more and see if you'd had a chance to try the recommended troubleshooting! How did it go?

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Any luck testing your SIM in another T-Mobile phone?

I don't have T-Mobile phone, I didn't try my SIM with a T-Mob phone.

But I have friends (in my T-Mob Friend and Family plan) who get the same

issue as mine so I believe changing to T-Mob phone can't make a difference.

You might have read the comment (in this thread also) from another T-Mob

user with TY-Mob phone complaining about the same issue.

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Hey, @magenta5281709​!

Thanks for getting back to us. Yes, other users with T-Mobile owned devices are having the same issue, however, the issue may be related to your SIM or device which is why we asked you try your SIM in a known working phone. From looking at the ticket you had filed about a month ago, our Engineers determined that the issue isn't related to the network, but instead is likely device related.

The TMob engineer also closed the case abruptly even after I told them that

people in my friend and family plan with TMob phones are having the same


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Ouch, @magenta5281709​ -- it may have been closed pending next step troubleshooting? While our platform limitation prevents us from reopening a ticket through our forum; an internal team should be able to do so as long as the ticket wasn't closed with the instruction to complete the troubleshooting prior to reopening!

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Hey there 😊 Did you get your ticker reopened?

I called the TMob customer support, they sent me a T Mobile signal booster

device. I will try it out in the next couple of days.

I have the exact same problem, mostly when traveling to Canada. We even pay the extra $25/month per line for the good international package. They make the roaming sound like a great deal, until you use it and it doesn't work at all as advertised. We've been up and down the ladder with support on this for months, and there has been no resolution. We are looking at moving our entire company account to another carrier over this.

I have this exact same issue since last two weeks here in Canada. Seems pretty standard issue. WiFi calling works, but outdoors with cellular network it calls just ring for one or half ring and routes to voice mail.

I tried all sorts of troubleshooting like switching phones, carriers selection manually, etc. No change.

Same... Useless service, and false advertising. If it's not fixed by weeks

end, moving to Verizon.