Requesting Coverage in Concert Hall?

  • 13 April 2018
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I frequent a concert hall in San Antonio, TX.  It's called the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.  It seats right under 2000 at capacity, but has absolutely zero coverage.  ATT & Verizon both have excellent coverage inside.  I am not sure if they have boosters, but it seems hard to beleive that people beside me on stage can get full bars without some sort of coverage device.  Yes, Yes, I understand that T-Mobile has personal coverage devices.  I've been told as much by customer care on many occasions. They always seem to forget that I said two thousand people, not two.  Even if only 1/4 of the people in attendance used T-Mobile, that 500 would have a hard time fighting over the Cell Spot Booster max of 10.  The Twitter reps told me that they only install coverage devices for 'business' usage, whatever that means.  Also, to clarify: Dear customer care, Usually at public venues, not everybody is on the same account and I definitely don't have the account numbers of everybody in attendance. I'm sorry for that.

My question is this: Since T-Mobile Phone Support and Twitter support are impressively worthless, who do I need to talk to in order to get some sort of coverage for potentially two thousand customers installed inside a concert hall?


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Hey there! I just took a look at the area and we actually have some pretty strong coverage there but there quite a bit of upgrades happening in the area so there could be some degradation while this is happening. I know that a personal cellspot is not going to do the trick but we do have LTE 700 in that area which is pretty good at penetrating walls. What kind of phone do you have specifically?

Also, we have a site that you can sign up at which is kind of a petition we use when working with public officials to increase coverage.