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  • 15 February 2018
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Why doesn't T-mobile data roam on Union wireless in wyoming (our only service/data roaming partner) anymore?

21 replies

I waited for an hour with customer care to learn that T-Mobile as of dec 23rd or 2017 will no longer be able to data roam with this provider. Why open a T-Mobile store in wyoming if you only have service data in cheyenne wyoming only.

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With service expanding with in Wyoming it makes sense to have a storefront so that T-Mobile is visible to retail and business customers. As service is expanded in the area more customers will need a storefront.

This still doesn't anwser my question as to why T-Mobile and union wireless have no agreement or contract on us having data roaming. There is no need for a store if your going to loose customers and not grow. I've been with T-Mobile almost 20 yrs and this is the worst it's ever been. With no data roaming partners its going to be hard to sell in wyoming.

T-mobile has plans to extend native coverage in Wyoming. Thus, there is no longer a need to roam on another network. I am sure T-mobile decided to do this as it is more cost effective for them. Since Union Wireless probably wasn't meeting T-mobles needs or wasn't playing nice on cost. In the long haul this is a good thing and you should be happy since now you don't have to worry about a domestic cap being hit for data.

>Ha....this is real funny.....happy i have no data not even 100 mb.....ya I'm a buisness owner and i have to send invoices at a drop of a hat or recieve pictures of jobs or issues. I can't do that as we have no data. I've spent days and an hour today on the phone for the representative to tell me I'm screwed and there is nothin i can do. I gueas the only thing to do is change providers. No domestic roaming package or anything Tmobile has to offer doesn't work here. I can laugh about this but it's obvious you don't live here and share my concerns about this matter.

Please feel free to look over the coverage area on the map or call somebody that lives in wyoming. No coverage north or west of cheyenne wyoming.

I've been hearing that T-Mobile is "widening the horizon" in wyoming for 4yrs....when is this really going to change

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As a customer I'm not privy to the business making decisions however is it possible your phone does not have support for band 71 which rolled out in Wyoming?

No my phone doesn't. I'm not investing in new phones with something that moght be a flop in thia area. As far as i know its not avalible yet....i haven't hears either way if this is suppose to fix the problem with roaming. My understanding on it is that it prepares us for 5g and doesn't fix data roaming problems here.

I am not a employee and just a fellow customer. You are right about me not living there but it doesn't mean I don't care about your plight. I am just telling you objectively that this is a good thing in the long run. T-mobile is deploying band 71 thought-out the state which will be the main amount of coverage, as mentioned you will need a device that supports this. As a business owner you should switch to something that works for you or re-invest in the equipment that meets your needs. It sucks and I know it is costly, trust me (I have handled many projects for my own business) but its part of being well in business. Especially technology, if you do decide to switch I suggest getting prepaid sims to test coverage with the current devices, however you will probably need  to upgrade them regardless so it may be worth weighing your options.

I am sure you stay with T-mobile due to cost since it is clear they were not the best in town for coverage.

I also wanted to add that you might be able to work something out with a rep since you are a business. Maybe T-mobile will help you out in getting handsets that support the new network. Its worth a shot right... sorry if I'm not providing the solutions you were hoping for on the forum. If I could I would make all 4 carriers cover the whole US in its entirety but i don't what to say.

Sorry of i seem like a frustrations are out the roof. I've been dealing with this for 2 months and now i need to figure out what to do. I'll call customer care and get more details if its avalible yet in my area.

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Here's the thing about band 71. You know how radio stations and TV stations can broadcast and go 100 miles in any direction whereas a cell phone tower has 5 or 10 miles Max? You know how you can listen to the same radio station as you go down the road for a hundred miles same thing as tuning into a local TV station a hundred miles away? That's kind of what band 71 is doing. That's not to say it will broadcast a hundred miles away but it takes away 10 towers for everyone Tower. That's just a rough estimate of course but band 71 is not going to go away. The recent auction that T-Mobile won by a landslide guarantees and 71 roll out throughout the country in the next year or two. You will not need any roaming agreements at that point. I do however see your point about what happens later is not helping you right now however if band 71 has rolled out in your area of Wyoming and you do have a chance to try it with a compatible phone which more and more will be announced next month you might find success. Of course if none of that works for you there's always another provider somewhere in Wyoming I'm sure that may or may not be a better fit for you for the time being.

I'm calling customer care to see if its avalible or not. I just so frustrated that this happened without warning. T-Mobile could have warned us or that we were loosing our only data roaming partner here.

Its all good this is your lively hood at stake here after all. I truly do wish you luck and will do whatever I can to help.

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Here's the one thing though about T-Mobile service and roaming. As a T-Mobile customer you should only be using the service and its majority in a native area that does not require roaming. If the majority of your use was dedicated to roaming then TMobile would not have been the provider for you to begin with. At that point TMobile would not need to tell its customers about roaming agreements in areas where it did not have native coverage. However I do agree that anytime there is to be a significant impact in service any customer no matter what plan or what area should be notified if they will be adversely impacted.

Hey there! Just checking in here to see how things are going. How did your call with our care teams go? Also, where specifically in Wyoming are you located?

In Cheyenne Wyoming. I got busy and didn't get to answer the call back from

T-Mobile. Iwas going to try a nd speak with somebody in yje next day or 2.

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Okay. That's totally understandable being a bit busy. Have you had the chance to follow up yet on this issue?

I'm just screwed. The new towers aren't avalible. Almost 20 yrs and i

haven't had much problems. Guess I'll get a different carrier that can

supply me with adequate service/data.....sad it has come to this. I only

travel in roaming areas when i have new houses to work on in those areas.

Maybe a total of 2 to 3 months out of a year but i need data when i roam.

Typically roaming agreements are only terminated if the host provider is no longer offering a competitive rate and the ratio of users to cost doesn't match up business wise. 😥

I wish I could provide a better answer or something more helpful, but it's unlikely there is an immediate solution for your situation. 😥