roaming Telcel number lost

  • 12 April 2018
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Bought a sim card in Mexico from Telcel, lost line number

Used all credits for internet and traveled to USA

Set T-mobile as roaming

wanted to recharge it using my credit card

Up to now, help lines, support, etc... couldnt figure out how to recharge it

Main problem seems the lack of line number

Tried finding app to see line number inside the sim card... no luck... there are several other numbers inside, but no line number. Is seems connections are managed using some of those sim card's internal numbers, not actually using the line number

Anyone have any suggestion?

6 replies

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Hey, @magenta4633692​! Are you trying to roam on TMO with a Telcel SIM, or using a T-Mobile SIM in a device you brought from Mexico to travel with? It sounds like you're trying to add funds to a prepaid SIM card -- is the trouble that you need to add funds to a T-Mobile account, or a Telcel account?

I have a Telcel prepaid SIM card which is roamed to T-Mobile, however I

don't have credits and I forgot the line number... how can I recharge it?

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Yikes -- I'm so sorry to read that! 😥 Unfortunately we're not able to look up your number, even if you're roaming on TMO. My normal suggestion would be to just call someone and ask them what the incoming call info says -- but if you're entirely out, that might be tough! I do know that we have a shortcode our customers can use to check their phone number -- #NUM# or #686# -- but I'm not sure if simply roaming on our network will be enough to make that work for you, or if it would be specific to devices using a T-Mobile SIM or T-Mobile branded software. :/ Can you give it a shot and let me know?

Typing #686# results in "Unknown application"

Do you know anything about getting the line number from the SIM serial

number or IMSI number? Because I have the SIM card but lost line number due

to a machine reset, and line number is needed to recharge the account using

my credit card.

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We're not able to do that for another carrier's SIM, but Telcel may be able to do so! I can't speak for other companies' capabilities, but it can't hurt to check. You can find them online here: Telcel es la Red

Hey magenta4633692 - were you able to solve this issue? I have the same problem and really need to find the cell number of the Telcel SIM. Any suggestions?