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  • 5 April 2021
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  Hello, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) sm-t295. My question is how do I get my tmobile sim card service to work with it? the service I currently have is 100gb per month of hotspot and I spent several hours the other day on the phone with tmobile rep and was unsuccessful transfering the sim card. I learned that even though my original plan did not include cellular phone service, the reason for the switch, that I can still use the same sim card for phone service with no problem. But it seemed impossible to make it happen. All I am looking to do is activate this tablet as the 4g lte cellular device it is and make phone calls with it. I’m not sure any of the 3 team member knew how to configure the sim oand/or tablet to allow them to connect and communicate. It is an international model and if that is the problem then how do I overcome the barrier? Also I can’t seem to locate the APN settings. Can someone please help? Thank you, Jeff. 

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