Service Coverage in Guam?

  • 3 September 2020
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My wife and I are moving to Guam on military orders next month. We will be there for about 3 years, and we were wondering if there is T-Mobile/Sprint coverage in Guam? We are currently with T-Mobile, and we would like to keep our phone numbers when we move. If there is coverage, what kind of plans can we get for our 3 years in Guam?

2 replies

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I believe that Guam is actually treated as international roaming, even though it’s a US territory. You might consider setting up Google Voice lines to port your T-Mobile numbers to. Get your phones unlocked and sign up with one of the local carriers on Guam. Port your T-Mobile numbers to Google Voice ($20/line) and receive your US calls on your computer.


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Tmobile has suspensions they offer to active military. You should call and ask to speak to a military specialist to inquire about all your options.