Service doesn't switch over from roaming

  • 7 July 2020
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I’m a new customer, and I’m noticing a big problem with my service.  When I am driving through a roaming area, my phone doesn’t switch back to native service when I re-enter T-Mobile’s coverage area.  It will persistently roam, even after I restart my phone or put it into airplane mode.  I currently use a OnePlus 7T (factory unlocked), but I also tested this problem with my factory unlocked Galaxy Note 8.  Both phones consistently roam in areas where T-Mobile states I should have coverage.  Only when I’m parked for a few minutes in one spot does my phone switch over to LTE service and recognize the T-Mobile service.

What’s going on?  Is it just a weaker signal?  I’m about to switch back to AT&T.  I have duel-sim capability on my phone, and when running both services, only T-Mobile has this issue. 

Does anyone have any guidance on this?

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What network is it roaming on to?  I can say that OnePlus has some issues with their latest firmwares for their devices. and both have significant issues, although has slightly improved the mess that 10.0.3+2 introduced.  These issues also exist on the 7T's, 8's, 8 Pro's, both directly from OnePlus and T-Mobile.