service down 5 days now

  • 17 March 2021
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service down 5 days now

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It is realy annoing, I do not understand how it’s possible

 4 days almost no service.  From 6 AM cst TILL 10 PM CST unable to talk to anyone including customer service (they ask you to call back on a non-TMobile land line).   When  was finally able to call with an off-network land line I was told that repair completion was suppost to be done by TEN AUGUST 2021!

There is no way to contact customer support using the tmobile system, and the “sales people” in the stores simply say “we don’t know what is up”. 

Come on T-Mobile your customers deserve some respect

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contact them through either Facebook or Twitter..WAY better results for issue resolution compared to calling in..keep in mind that if there is some kind of issue at the tower itself or for example a construction/road crew cut through fiber lines (happens more often than you would think) there isnt much they can do on their end until they get someone out there to do the repairs...if anything they can get you at least a bit of info on what is going on and possibly a better time frame on when it might be fixed.

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You pretty much need to go from TMOBILE experts to L2 support,  and have them file and engineering ticket.  If they say no, or 3 business days, file a BBB ticket for an outage.   It should not take 3 days to determine when a tower has gone down.

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How many people would welcome some sort of webpage like the electric companies host, when there's an issue or outage ?

Not knowing is worse than being informed/aware of a problem, and then you could plan a little.