Should I wait for Band 71?

  • 29 October 2017
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I’m in the market for a new phone and I know Band 71 is coming soon. Should I wait for more Band 71 compatible phones to be available, or is Band 71 not that important for LTE coverage?

3 replies

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Depends on a few things.

How long you keep your phones,  if you change phones every year and band  71 isn't in your market then

don't wait.

If you keep your phones for 2 years or more then you may want to wait until more phones come out with band 71.

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I have mixed opinions on that matter. I have great LTE signal most everywhere I go so band 71 is not essential for me right now. However if I was going to get a new phone I would want to be able to use that band within the next year or two and depending on how often I upgraded I might choose to wait unless I was someone who upgraded every year and then it might not be as big of an issue. Also it depends on when band 71 would get to your area and if that would significantly improve your signal if it was lacking as is currently.

So too long didn't read version would be if I upgraded every year I would go ahead and upgrade if I needed band 71 support I would wait.

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Hey there! Congrats on being ready to hunt for the perfect upgrade. 😊 I know our users had some helpful input here -- ultimately this is definitely a personal call, but I hope they were able to offer some perspective that makes your decision a little easier to make! Bear in mind that if you participate in financing via EIP and add the monthly JUMP! feature to your line, or decide to order your device with a JUMP! On Demand lease, you could always satisfy your upgrade urge now and then swap out with balance forgiveness for the remainder owed sometime after the wait times are satisfied and a device with band 71 is available!

- Marissa