• 12 August 2020
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Hello I recently moved over to T Mobile from Boost Mobile and I noticed the first day I switched over my data was super slow I thought maybe it was because I had just moved over so I ignored it but its been about a week and a half and I only have one signal bar on my phone and the data is extremely slow I wanted to know why that is ? Or how I can fix it

3 replies

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Your general location could be checked on the Coverage tab above. If it indicates you should have good coverage, check your APN settings. If they are correct, restart your phone to re-associate to the towers. Then, if nothing else has worked, contact Tmobile on Facebook /Twitter or call 611 for help.

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What device are you using and which retailer or provider was it purchased from? 

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With all the Sprint customers who are transitioning to the T-Mobile network, there are places where T-Mobile’s network is under considerable strain. T-Mobile is working rapidly to merge the two company’s  networks but there will be some pain ITMT.

I would also ask @syaoran ‘s question about what phone you are using.